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  1. please help my sick plants, are they beyond repair????
  2. please help my sick babies
  3. Help; ph vs light problem
  4. disease or deficiency
  5. Anxiety and Cannabis
  6. How to Identify and Treat stem rot
  7. A few leafs on plant not looking healthy ??
  8. yellowing on leafs :(
  9. Cures for powder mildew pls!
  10. HELP plants going yellow.
  11. Babies are sick DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!
  12. Help please....possible nitrogen tox!!
  13. Help Please ... Red burns on White Russian PICS
  14. need help plz
  15. Possible sulphur deficiency? Or suggestion please
  16. Stem Rot?
  17. wtf is happening here ??
  18. leaf disease experts please chime in
  19. magenesium deficiency??
  20. Whats wrong with this wifi?
  21. ww looking a bit worse for wear, bless!
  22. plants suddenly wilting !!!!!!!
  23. rapid wilting , death in 24 hours
  24. Help please....
  25. First time grower needing a little advice please
  26. Dark Green abnormality in leave-Pics
  27. Root rot, root oxygen starvation or some nutrient deficiency?¿?¿
  28. GD!! now spots are appering?? ideaas
  29. me thinking i got a sulfer problem ? not sure tho ,help !!!
  30. drooping and yellowing of the leafs
  31. hole on the leaf with color change and powdery mold maybe on some other leaves?
  32. need help with first grow yellow leaves with brown spots
  33. 2 weeks old, some leaves are starting to get yellow.
  34. Please help lockout? toxicity? I cant pin point the issue and am at stand still
  35. is it spider mites? i need help....
  36. epsom salts how much ???
  37. deformed leafs
  38. Hydro novice needing a diagnosis or tips please
  39. rusting
  40. Bud leaves drooping
  41. Slight problem with 3 week old plants..
  42. Chemdog week 8 flower problem
  43. yellow leaves crispy buds....you gotta help me man with pictures
  44. durban poison in veg having issues cant pin point it please help
  45. What the fcuk is this...?
  46. urgent help needed
  47. Black spot?
  48. problem. need help
  49. DROOPY PLANTS help please?
  50. Bugs possibly?
  51. Whats up with this plant?
  52. Mildew mold opinions advice needed :(
  53. leaf problem with pics, they are going yellow at tips then brown patches and curling
  54. light burn or nute urn
  55. Help
  56. Please help me what going on ?????
  57. Microbial and oxy
  58. Help please
  59. Curious about this
  60. Spots help
  61. Nute burn?
  62. Autoflower seedlings not looking too chippa - help asap thankyou
  63. Help a fellow out!
  64. Not lookin so good
  65. Newb in need of advice PLZ
  66. Pest or desease?
  67. Diagnosis...murder?
  68. Help everyday it's getting worse!
  69. how many problems are just bad/weak seeds?
  70. Newbie with some leafy problems
  71. Rot looking sick
  72. Help - but I think my first attempt has failed...
  73. Thrips ??
  74. Bud Rot Advise Needed
  75. Need help. Plant sick!! 911!!
  76. Bottom leaves turning yellow and going up!
  77. leaf edges curling in flower
  78. White widow showing first signs of root rot
  79. White Powder on hydroton ??? HELP
  80. Think i might have Mg deficiency???
  81. Wtf is this about
  82. Any help as to what this is?
  83. Need a little help and direction, please.
  84. Curling brown leaves in coco HELP please!
  85. 1 of 20 girls looks so sad. nothing changed.
  86. Looking for answers stunted growth yellow colytdons ?
  87. Deficiency?
  88. Yellow leaves help
  89. Need Help! Please!
  90. Whats wrong with her
  91. DWC HELP!!! Deficiency??? Or Burn???
  92. help strange spots
  93. What is wrong with my plants ?
  94. Getting rid of Spider Mites?
  95. Why wont it grow???
  96. Over watering? Nitrogen toxicity? Or heat stress?
  97. Mi planta tiene insectos que marcan la hoja
  98. I think this is toxicity...
  99. Aquafarm troubles
  100. Yellow leaves again , I saw and read the forum ,but did not result
  101. Wounded
  102. Bad Thrips in late flower will no pest strips deal with it
  103. Nitrogen Won't leave!!!
  104. help! my leaves are curlig.
  105. Bottom Leaves Yellow and Brown Dry Spots, Help Please
  106. hydro 250w cfl wrdrobe grow, 3 dys old babys curling
  107. check these leafs out!!! sugar leafs are growing weird!!
  108. Anyone
  109. Dying leaves turning black
  110. Help please. Rusty brown spots.
  111. leaves with brown spots turning brown
  112. Couple of problems, advice please
  113. Ongoing dwc problems
  114. reassure me theres no problems guys :(
  115. few spots pics attatched
  116. A host of problems
  117. 10 day old candy kush auto...problems
  118. Mouldy Soil
  119. Help diagnosing problem.
  120. Plz help????
  121. New first try at growing from seed
  122. Need advice ASAP
  123. First grow in coco skunk number one.
  124. Curled up leafs
  125. Brown on tips of sugar leafs
  126. Need Help
  127. New grower in dire need of help.
  128. Weird spot on my White Widow
  129. Lower Yellow Leaves
  130. Disaster in DWC - Yellowing. I need express-diagnostic!
  131. Calcium Deficiency
  132. sick leaves and spreading
  133. Help! Help! Help!
  134. Nitrogen deficiency??
  135. Root rot and mold
  136. Yellow and brown leaves
  137. Wtf please help
  138. bad leaves.. falling off,, burnt
  139. First time growers... NEED HELP!
  140. overwatering or nitrogen toxicity
  141. iron deficiency or something else?
  142. Please Help
  143. Powdery Mildew
  144. Help Please
  145. Can anybody advise please
  146. Flapping!
  147. Brown spots on leaves
  148. COCO Deficiency
  149. Help diagnosing?
  150. What's wrong with this baby?
  151. seedling acting up
  152. My plants are over watered i think...
  153. Auto-calcium problem?
  154. 6 weeks of veg burnt tips and canoeing of older fan leaves. New growth looks healthy.
  155. Any help diagnose my plants?
  156. Please help me diagnose ... UV burn???
  157. Slow deformed growth got worse than before on cannabis leaves day 26 seed from planti
  158. Lets see what's wrong with these babies
  159. Yellowing leaves help please ....
  160. Leaves are turning black
  161. Browning!
  162. help
  163. Powdery Mildew
  164. Help!
  165. turned purple?
  166. yellow leaves
  167. whats wrong
  168. last attempt to get help :banghead:
  169. looking for new opinions..is this a nitrogen issue... help a brother out please
  170. Powdery Mildew And How To Get Rid Of It................................
  171. PH dropping and so is EC?
  172. Leaves turning wierd color in early flower
  173. Not sure if it nitrogen help plz
  174. Suggestions please
  175. PM help!!!
  176. are spidermites the most annoying pests?
  177. brown rust spots on leaves?
  178. Struggling now on the verge of binning it URGENT!-!
  179. Yellowing clones after potting up
  180. Is this rust fungus?
  181. Strange Spots... New Guy needs help please
  182. 6 days old Northern lights AF, YELLOWISH LEAVES.
  183. First time grower, can anyone tell me whats wrong?
  184. Can you confirm this is a calcium and magnesium deficiency?
  185. Help pls
  186. What is this!!!
  187. Damping Off ?
  188. Help please what is up with my plants
  189. How do i fix this now with pics
  190. Mushrooms
  191. Any idea what this deficiency might be?
  192. Yellowing in auto pots
  193. Am worried if everything is fine.
  194. Deficiency
  195. Seedling leaf discolouration
  196. Please help, what is this??
  197. Help me...........
  198. Yellowing leaves - Help please!
  199. Brown spots some yellowing
  200. Deficiency?
  201. Nutrient defiency or nute burn??...4th week of flower...problems from the start..
  202. Is this calcium def?
  203. Problems
  204. Leaves turning bronze and going crisp
  205. brown spots please help
  206. What deficiency is this
  207. Help with leaf diagnosis please!
  208. Browning leaves, mutating - tearing new veg
  209. slight yellowing along the edges
  210. Help diagnose my plants?!?!
  211. cloning in water
  212. droopy clone
  213. Loki needs assistance
  214. pistil tips turning brown early..
  215. rooted clone turning yellow
  216. is my plant sick [emoji52]
  217. has my plants got a disease
  218. Brown splotches on the leaves of vegging plants.
  219. Light green patches on specific area
  220. brown spots
  221. need help with nutrients
  222. anyone know whats up with my leaves..
  223. Help your favorite cowboy
  224. My plant collapse
  225. Massive leaf crawling, need help!!
  226. Not a biggy... yet
  227. Any ideas?
  228. Help I think my plants dying :/
  229. What's wrong here
  230. Chopped her
  231. Runt or other
  232. Over watering?
  233. Should I be worried?
  234. mystery sickness second time around
  235. Help!
  236. Fungus on crop harvested 4 weeks ago
  237. What can this be?
  238. Bug dust problem
  239. Help Me! I'm a new grower and everything was going well until tonight
  240. Help Me! I'm a new grower and everything was going well until tonight
  241. What could this be
  242. What's wrong with my plants?
  243. Help
  244. Dodgy leaves
  245. Will flushing help these plants
  246. What is wrong
  247. What are these holes in leafs
  248. Need help identifying problem
  249. Really worried
  250. Help with this problem