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  1. back garden experiments...
  2. humidity produced during veg / flower intresting conclusion
  3. Shaped budz?
  4. Autoflower Yeild Experiment
  5. Advanced nutrients PH perfect technology :D
  6. Lighting colour modification experiment
  7. Multi seed speed germ test
  8. The smallest clone experiment
  9. Take your pick of the experiments.
  10. Experiment x 2
  11. mh vs hps
  12. defoliation trics turning colour
  13. PRD - Partial Rootzone Drying
  14. Reversing a Thermostat to heat instead of cool
  15. Pugz Nitro Express Reveg and Grafing Experiment.
  16. Vmax, Taking clones for future use experiment
  17. -The CANNABIS SEED Experiment-
  18. Auxin Affects Plant Growth and Form
  19. defoliating some leaves by leaving 3 leaf margines!!!
  20. supercropping vs. STRANGLING
  21. has anyone here made a cfl vs. hps etc?
  22. Deep Water Culture (DWC) seeding experiment, along with my thoughts on DWC
  23. gas light routine
  24. Grow experiment autopot vs standard, super cropping,topped,natural booster test
  25. 12/5.5/1/5.5 side by side ?
  26. Next grow ideas
  27. Mh vs dual spec lights
  28. FIM'd the F out of this!
  29. oxygenating pond weed
  30. Lacking ingredients for compost tea
  31. **room ionizers and co2?**
  32. **how do i grow just one cola plant?**
  33. **can these light's produce co2 ????**
  34. **how many times can i top for scrog?**
  35. **how many time's do i top for scrog?**
  36. Playing around
  37. Rooting test - Root!t vs Aloe Vera gel vs plain water
  38. Feminized seed Spray What??????is this real ...can anyone confirm??
  39. THC Ejuice. Hopefully
  40. On a budget.
  41. Vine of Green
  42. Vine of Green
  43. Advice on vaps
  44. Defoliation experiment
  45. Topping and supercropping
  46. Anyone got any air layering experience/tips/techniques ?
  47. Hang LED light verticle ? Anyone ?
  48. G13 Haze Vs Cheese - Supercrop
  49. Coco nutrients with clay pebbles? Will it work?
  50. Soil vs coco
  51. Offgrid hydroponics design
  52. Horizontal growing
  53. Nuets
  54. Bonzai Buds
  55. Experimental for me.... First time making cannabutter
  56. mainlining a clone experiment
  57. Electro culture
  58. Ok i mentioned this earlier this year and now.......................
  59. I tip my hat.
  60. Yous might think am mad!! BUT
  61. What 600w hps
  62. Trichoderma
  63. How to harvest twice in one year?
  64. Getting roots to pop faster with pgr?
  65. Aquarium water