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  1. Randomly up2nogood - Mentor grow diary Now Complete :)
  2. Striders Delahaze Death Weedgie Cannabucket with Woody J as Mentor
  3. First grow mentored by whitediesel
  4. Romadi's First Grow- Blueberry- Mentored By Derek07
  5. "Multi strain grow in coco---mentored by Mr Adambomb and Mr Illearth67"
  6. DNA Lemon skunk GHS Kalashnikova by romadi mentored by Derek07
  7. Cheesewreck by Switch2 mentored by Uncle Albert
  8. LMS first grow mentored by Jimmi420
  9. Stimpys first Auto, in Coco. Boycie as Mentor.
  10. Silentj being mentored by Mr Swilly
  11. greenthumbs sensistar scrog mentored bty addicted to growing
  12. Dutch Passion Blueberry - Pilrgrim187 mentored by PH1
  13. Hillbilly Mentors Alice on POGK Grow
  14. 6 x GHS Great White Shark in an IWS RDWC Scrog Mentored by Trigger
  15. Calciumkid mentored by marleynme,, bubba76 in D.I.Y oxypot first time hydro :)
  16. Franky goes NFT, mentored by -Smokey-
  17. THC Bomb Superfarm Tree - Mentored By Mr Pothead
  18. vapours mix - dekay Style!
  19. trigger schools nubreed/waterfarmed/DeLaHaZe
  20. 6 x Jack in an IWS Flood and Drain Mentored by ChuChu ****Newbie****
  21. 1st grow wish me luck. mentored by stonedkiwi
  22. oxy's NFT SCORG bash, berry bomb bloom, mentored by murdock
  23. ktm's tent of cheese! mentored by Chu Chu
  24. Lizards Critical scrog mentored by Murdock
  25. Dinafem autocheese DWC mentored by IronJustice
  26. Stealth's (NOOB) critical Loft grow RDWC - Mentored by " The Hannibal "
  27. MonkeyTime's DWC cabinet grow mentored by thman428!
  28. Royal queen beans and Egyptian dreams in coco, mentored by IronJustice
  29. Back to Skunk #1 Grow, mentored by scoobystew
  30. coco/scrog grow mentored by Murdock
  31. 5x Royal Queen Nothern Lights In CoCo Mentored by Dr Plough
  32. 100 Ounces in 8 weeks the easy way! Get Grandad as a Mentor! Trainwreck RDWC Scrog!
  33. Clunge Muncher & Lightyear Ride Again Cheesy Mazar. Mentored by Bud Lightyear
  34. BB cheese 1st grow (take 2) mentored by Bud Lightyear!
  35. RASTA'S 4th diary. 1st coco grow, mentored by Bud Lightyear.
  36. farmers first diary mentored by murdock
  37. nft 424 first time grow, mentored by murdock.
  38. TruToThis 1st EVER COCO GROW mentored by The-Limey-Digit
  39. mine and grandads first real grow, with oxyman in the wings
  40. Wasat's White Rhino Survivor "Mentored By MrG"
  41. Rocky's quest for the Holy Grail. Mentored by Bud Lightyear
  42. raggidys first soil grow mentored by tru
  43. Happy camping Mentored by Bud Lightyear
  44. Ezroller goes hydro mentored by Jesse Pinkman. Wilma 4, Wwxbb
  45. Clunge & Shady's Cheesy Ladies Mentored By Bud Lightyear
  46. 1st grow mentored by budda
  47. She's going Coco! 4 plant grow. Mentored by Bud Lightyear
  48. Loki does Agent Orange, Mentored by Bud Lightyear
  49. 1st real coco grow cheesy dick mentored by Stealthgrow
  50. Wasat's Auto RED POISON with M_C Mentor
  51. ERBURTS 2nd go...the redemption grow!.with wingman clunge.
  52. Smoby Goes Coco with Infinity Master Bud lightyear
  53. 53c0nd Grow – Th3 M1X and MaTch F0uR M3nt0r Gr0w
  54. BobRolo's Bigger Than Hip Hop G-13 (Mentored by M_C)
  55. Dogman does Cash Crop Autos, LED, Coco, Air Pots. Mentored by Bud Lightyear
  56. EaZiE's First Grow!! 3 x Northern light x Big bud auto - Mentored by Erburt
  57. BunsBuds Stealth BagSeed Diary (Mentored By Wasat)!
  58. Mr Tumble takes on Dr Krippling's Incredible Bulk. Mentored by BL
  59. Galadriel's backyard grow - mentored by Wasat
  60. First bash at Coco, Negra 44. Mentored by BL
  61. Fast &Vast 20l airpots (soil) Mentored by ERBURT
  62. Satnavs Auto Ride Mentored by M_C
  63. Buster goes cheesey with a COB in coco mentored by Clunge
  64. blue cheese hydro with Jesse Pinkman
  65. Just when She thought she was out,The Clunge brought her back in! 4 plant Coco mix up
  66. Chewey's medical grow. Mentored by Mr Bud Lightyear
  67. 2nd Grow - New Groom and Mars II 900w. Mentored by Bud Lightyear
  68. Skunky's Proper Mainline With Some Help From Dexter
  69. 1st grow in coco and wilma 4 mentored by Judd007
  70. Daz does Big buddha Blue cheese first grow in coco mentored by Bulsatcom
  71. Hopper hops into his first grow! Blue Cheese inbound, Mentored by ERBURT
  72. 4 auto strains one grower and a bloody good mentor M_C
  73. Badgers modded Wilma mentored by Jesse Pinkman
  74. Buster Gets Lucky With Some Exodus, And Re-running The Blue, Mentored By Clunge
  75. OG Kush LED Mini grow using 90W LED mentored by KBag
  76. First Grow mentored by ERBURT
  77. Bushwacked mentored by Samwise Gamgee - 7 Pinnaple Chunk 1 Mazar
  78. Bong lords 1st diary mentored by beth
  79. Nftnewbiexx does Knockout & Amnesia lemon in NFT. Mentored by Type M
  80. Learning from Jingo 4 plants in 5 gallon pots
  81. Cheese in Canna coco natural mentored by farmguy
  82. Samwise Gamgee mentoring my fast and vast autos
  83. 1st Grow in Coco, in a Wilma, mentored by Samwise
  84. Joker's 1 x VIP Afghani, 1x NYC Diesel, 1x VIP Northern Delight - Mentored by Loki
  85. * SLH ScrOG * coco/autopots/600w hps - mentored by bethmeg
  86. First coco grow. Mentored by Bud Lightyear
  87. Dr Krippling, The Incredeble bulk, Mentored by Bud Lightyear.
  88. Blue Cheese SCROG Mentored by Bud Lightyear
  89. Hoppers hopes of tidy smokes! Coco extraordinaire guided by Clunge Muncher :)
  90. Snarfs 1st grow 1st diary-G13 Blueberry Gum 1 girl named Ezmerelda Glozinsplich
  91. NorthernStar's 1st Coco grow Ft. OG Kush + Deep Cheese. Mentored by Samwise Gamgee!
  92. Farmshop takes on the coco with a hand from Bethmeg
  93. My first ever time growing dr kriplling & sour diesel mentored by Blue
  94. CoCoGrow128 is Back with BUD LIGHTYEAR running Barneys Farm PINAPPLE CHUNK
  95. 1st grow :)
  96. Say Hello To My Lil Friends Mentored By LOKI
  97. Wardr08es Lemon Kush in Coco with help from MC, my man!
  98. new set up mentored by M_C
  99. Creation of my g'room and my 2nd grow. (type_m is my mentor)
  100. First grow - 2X Pineapple Chunk & 1 8 Ball Kush - Mentored by joker
  101. Rex's Grow V2.0 double glock with Blue
  102. lsd kush grow with kbag mentoring
  103. 1st Grow 2 WW x BB in Soil Mentored by M_C
  104. WF420 does Big Buddha Blue Cheese mentored by Joker
  105. Majestic's Incredible Bulk In Coco - 1st Grow - Mentored by Ganja Lad
  106. Gardro's coco grow mentored by joker the smoker
  107. Medicinal Grow mentored by Bethmeg
  108. Autoflower grow in Coco mentored by Macky
  109. Debut grow Fast n Vast, Critical +, HID and Cob LED x2 with Blue
  110. UK-MRS 1st Coco grow MENTOR-Blue.
  111. Bal80 super iced grapefruit mentored by macky
  112. Dynamite's First Third Grow - Mentored By Blue
  113. MK's OG Kush & Jack Herrer Grow Mentored by the Jokes
  114. Iron boards the bongo train, M_C is driving!
  115. GasMans first on strawberry amnesia in coco mentored by SadFace
  116. Strawberry Banana gets WhIpLaSh (mentored by British green)
  117. Scorpion & M_C grow some autos :)
  118. Squaggy does Coco. (Mentored by Bud Lightyear)
  119. Oldtimerocnrol & M_C's budget grow
  120. Coco Coir Mentored By Blue
  121. Riot does DP Twilight Mentored by Rasta :)
  122. Ice and Bud grow Blackberry Autos in Coco (Mentored by Bud Lightyear)
  123. 3rd Round - GSC, Gorrila Zkittles, LSD in Coco (Mentored by Bud Lightyear)
  124. The Solyom goes coco. 3 x Gelato Mentored by Krofam
  125. Barneys Farm Pineapple Chunk and Amnesia Lemon Mentored by Krofam (coco)
  126. Bigdaddys Auto coco grow mentored by M_C [emoji6]
  127. LewisR’s Incredible Bulk in coco mentored by Squaggy
  128. Pablo goes coco!!!! mentored by Rasta