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03-06-14, 03:49 PM
Plant Of The Month - June '14.

Welcome to the Plant Of The Month competition. :)

All of the usual rules apply apart from one... There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places from now on! :weed:

First Prize: 1 x THCtalk POTM Trophy , 1 x pack of AK99 seeds, 1 x pack of C99 seeds and 1 x pack of G-Seeds Spectrum Mix.

Second Place: 1 x pack of AK99 seeds and 1 x pack of Spectrum Mix.

Third Place: 1 x pack of Spectrum Mix.

Plant of the month trophy...


* Please read the rules in this comp before you enter/vote. Thank you! *

Comp Rules:

1, 1 picture of 1 plant is allowed to be entered from a current grow by any 1 single forum member.

2, All pics must be entered by midnight on the 31/05/14.

3, A poll will then be added to the new thread so forum members can cast their vote.

4, The poll will be closed at midnight on the 14/06/14 (UK)

5, Winners will be announced and Prize's will be sent out asap.

6, All plants in any pictures entered in this comp has to be or have been alive in the month of the comp.

7, Please keep all pictures to 600 x 450 pixels max and no thumbnails please. (failing this your entry will be removed from the comp).

8, All members must have a minimum of 10 forum post before they can enter/vote in this comp or your entry/vote will be removed from the comp..

9, All pictures entered must have a sign of some sort with THCtalk.com wrote on it in the picture (not photoshopped) or your entry will be removed from the comp.
It would also be very helpful to include your plant strain in the image

10, No picture's are to be entered in this comp if they have been messed with in anyway using any paint programs or similar. If any picture is to be found of having any effects added or the picture messed with in anyway, then that picture will be removed from the comp.

11, If there is ever a tie for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place there will be a 7 day vote off between the joint winners to decide the winner of the said place.

12, Once a plant has won the top prizes in the plant of the month comp, that plant then becomes ineligible for future comps, i.e the next months comp and so on.

13, Members may use there one vote to vote for themselves if they wish.

* Please make sure you follow the rules this month or your entry will be removed from the comp. *

* All seeds from THCtalk.com are for souvenirs only! *

Good luck to everyone who enters

08-06-14, 07:44 PM
ok i,ll kick it off this month, here goes with my agent orange 9 weeks flower, good luck all


08-06-14, 07:55 PM
Fine looking plant Murdock - nothing like setting the bar high ;)

10-06-14, 05:16 PM
i might be setting bar high but i can just see grandad now putting ribbons around his lol,

10-06-14, 06:13 PM
Lovely stuff n looking real nice
Gotta live that smell of her
Its ma first stash tin that's empty of all the strains a got lol

10-06-14, 10:20 PM
i might be setting bar high but i can just see grandad now putting ribbons around his lol,

couldn't find any ribbon, you'll have to make do with string :(

http://www.thctalk.com/gallery/data/3970/P1080280_600x450_.jpg (http://www.thctalk.com/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/159004/title/p1080280-600x450-/cat/3970)

Jesse Pinkman
10-06-14, 10:53 PM
Fuck just realised never took pic of my ak48 before chop :mad:

Can i enter for cola of the month lol:

http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k278/Dodouble/91E21C5E-24F5-41B5-9E13-EE1B76C0F00E_zps0btevklf.jpg (http://s90.photobucket.com/user/Dodouble/media/91E21C5E-24F5-41B5-9E13-EE1B76C0F00E_zps0btevklf.jpg.html)

Looks like stiff contest so far anyway goin off the first two entrys, murdock and grandad!!!
ha Good luck everyone


11-06-14, 03:41 PM
http://www.thctalk.com/gallery/data/3970/P1080280_600x450_.jpg (http://www.thctalk.com/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/159004/title/p1080280-600x450-/cat/3970)

Sweet Jesus!!

11-06-14, 06:08 PM
Grandad that's just rude!! Lol. Great entries so far tho keep'em coming!

Stay green buds.

13-06-14, 01:40 AM
Thought I'd get my Pogk in have this in a multi strain grow its 9 days of 12/12 and just showing the pistils, has just had a final bit of twist n bend to help with the stretch. In soil in a 20ltr pot, has gone a month over the time when I should've flipped so had to put in the larger pot as her roots were very root bound, just about managing to contain the rest of them in there because of my late flip:barmy: still I'm not complaining :dance2:.
Fed on bio-bizz veg, plantmagics bio-silicon and magnecal (with added root stim just for 1.5wks into flower) will start using a bloom feed from the weekend not decided what bloom to use likely pm bloom and give her the odd dose of superthrive every other week. she'll definately be making another appearance in full bloom:laugh:.

Entry pic


All the best dal :joint:

14-06-14, 05:21 PM
fuck me dal, thats some size of sig you got goin there :shocked:

15-06-14, 07:07 AM
Lmao but must admit cant wait for august and i can have a rest till october hopefully just hard to stop lol
fuck me dal, thats some size of sig you got goin there :shocked:

02-07-14, 09:39 PM
I think the quality of the plants entered have been especially high this month - when is the vote off?

02-07-14, 10:24 PM
not sure there'll be one, grub seems to be off somewhere and no-one else from admin has volunteered as yet....... nudge nudge!

21-07-14, 01:59 AM
Last chance to enter folks, the vote of thread will be up tomorrow.

Good luck...

21-07-14, 04:15 AM
Grandad, what a beauty! :weed: good luck all :)

23-07-14, 04:22 AM
Grandad that picture just blew my mind. I just joined this forum but I see a lot of talk about how its dead and no one is on it anymore. This is probably a good thing as you can actually get to know people. It also appears that the people are well educated and know what they are doing so you don't get misinformed a whole lot. Best of the forums that I know of so far. Top quality mates.

couldn't find any ribbon, you'll have to make do with string :(

http://www.thctalk.com/gallery/data/3970/P1080280_600x450_.jpg (http://www.thctalk.com/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/159004/title/p1080280-600x450-/cat/3970)

23-07-14, 11:25 AM
thanks filthy, yup we have everything you need to know here....... just ask if there's anything you can't find or don't know :)

03-08-14, 04:07 PM
This is my first grow ever. All built by hand never checked ph,never turned off the light and bent the shit out of it.

03-08-14, 06:00 PM
its upside down ;)

03-08-14, 10:13 PM
@Grandad, ,mate I don't think I'll bother entering after your entry this month! :(
Plus my latest pics don't have a POTM sign next to them and whatnot.
Lovely to see some quality grows though, gives me something to aim for.
As an aside, has anyone found their grows this summer (indoors) have been really hard to control heatwise?
I managed to keep them to the level (around36C) where they still grow ok and don't stall but bud density
has been awful and all of my last grow is airy with top colas stretched and fluffy :(
Moving house in 6wks, so will have a garage there to play with instead of the loft, tons better in some ways
and a nightmare in others (will have a quarterly inspection) that I will need to stealth hide and more prying eyes in
the house...