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05-12-14, 07:35 PM

Link to grow diary: n/a

Strain and seedbank: - Dinafem amnesia xxl auto (original amnesia x original amnesia auto) sativa dom

Numbers of grows or years growing: - 5th grow

Grow Equipment, Location & Style: - soil, 7ltr pot, 300w (2700k) cfl

Nutes/Feed: - tomorite and pk 13/14

Weeks of veg:3

Weeks of flower: 8.5

Colour of thrichs at time of harvest: clear 10% / cloudy 70% / amber 20%

Wet yield: unknown

Drying time: 6.5 days

Dry Yield: 19.4g

Curing time: 1 week

Bud Density 8/10:

Bud Appearance Comments: fairly tight, foxtail type buds. massive trichomes under a loupe compared to my other grows.

Grindability 7/10: yep it grinds!

Smell in veg 7/10: strong lemon and fresh green smell

Smell in flower 10/10: hazey, spicy and a bit like lemon bathroom cleaner! but not unpleasant

Smell after curing 10/10: less spicy more lemony

Smell of smoke 10/10: stinky stinky

Taste 9/10: lemons and haze very pleasant!

The High 8/10: very heady in a way that puts you in a happy but confused state! hint of couchlock that creeps up on you after a few spliffs/hits, munchies galore!

Length of buzz 6/10: Its a hard hitting sativa (dom) but i always find a indica buzz lasts longer

Good comments: great smell and taste, fairly easy to grow, nice high

Bad Comments: none its a good strain

General Comments: highly recommended to all!!!, little and often is the way to go when watering/feeding with this one.

peace out:spliffter:

06-12-14, 02:41 AM
nice report where are the pic's mukka????

06-12-14, 02:45 PM
unfortunately not any recent ones! there is some floating about on here somewhere though!!!


06-02-15, 05:34 PM
Love to read more of these especially on dinafem autos