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16-05-15, 04:43 PM
THE WIDOW rhino seeds

they look nothing like this ^^^^^^^ and they no 7 week wonder ...

She Took 5 Years, but The Widow Was Worth Every Single Nano-Second!
Feminised Seeds spared no expense as they took classic White genetics beyond the very edge of possibility to create The Widow, the most hardcore version of White Widow Cannabis Seeds to ever see the light of day. She's a real killer, but anything stronger would be lethal!
We don't know for sure, but The Rhino's certain they fed The Widow Seeds a mixture of steroids & plutonium to get this kind of power & branch-breaking yield. These babies are pumped!

The Widow is an Extreme White Strain
Heavy Couchlocking Indica Genetics
Extremely Fast & Very Potent
Feminized Seeds with Attitude!

The Widow Cannabis Seeds are a potent Indica-dominant cross of Indian & Brazilian landrace strains like every classic White Widow on the planet, but that's where the similarities disappear like a puff of smoke. Lesser strains don't even come close to this one!..


loved growing this strain, can't post link couldn't find strain on herbies or pick n mix, but if you wanna see it just google THE WIDOW RHINO SEEDS .

Veg time 6 ish weeks

Flowering time 11 weeks , flush for a week

Grow Equipment 1.2x1.2x2m dr120, Mars 2 1200w led, 6" extraction , passive intake , 8" rhino pro carbon filter. 2x424 NFT's, 2x 12" desk tops, 1 tower fan for under the screen.

Nutes/Feed: - silicon, Canna aqua/flores, rhizzo rox at 1ml per l 2nd-3rd-4th week then big bud pk13/14, overdrive

Colour of trichs at time of harvest: 30ish% amber,.

Drying time: 6 days.

Dry Yield: 28 ounces . but weighed on a vintage scales so who knows what yield was.. smashed my pb of 24 0z 600w hps goung by amount of jars and weight on buddage ..

Curing time: the dry bud placed in jars. . ongoing

Bud Density 10/10. the colas were stunning .

Bud Appearance Comments: ginger pubes from week 4, rock solid tons of trichs on buds , not much on sugar leaves..

Grindability 10/10: fluffs up nicely.

Smell in veg 6/10: just greenery and chlorophyll.

Smell in flower 9/10: very pungent

Smell after cure, after grinding the smell hits you good

Smell of smoke 8/10: fruity , skunky . dank weed

Taste 9/10: mocca like coffee very smooth, i likes it.. big tokes

The High 10/10: first few puffs smacks you in the face , with me goes straight to my eye lids. red eye will happen.. this compared to critical . this kicks critical's ass big time . very heavy hitter.. that's why i picked it .. will be grown again.

Length of buzz 9/10: lasts a good hour,

Good comments: feminized seeds, forgiving.very good yielder. great for bending over scrog stylee. hardy

Bad Comments: nothing.










thanks for looking . have a good day.. :stoned-smilie:

16-05-15, 05:33 PM
I got one of these free from Rhino. Will be growing it September :)

Looks awesome mate....

16-05-15, 06:12 PM
Crackin smoke report buddy an wat a stunnin grow it was aswell, wat a way to top it off eh, u have set the bar high for the next smoke report :)

Hat tipped sir

16-05-15, 06:33 PM
Happy Days Oxy!

16-05-15, 08:30 PM
Wow that's some weed ya got there Oxy nice one fella

16-05-15, 09:20 PM
Hardcore Budporn indeed ��

The budda
16-05-15, 09:30 PM
Excellent work oxy. Man my hats off to you brother

17-05-15, 12:02 PM
Top lad oxy, ive got a Damnesia cut about 15 days off finishing and she stinks. I'll get a report done when she is down.
This type of thread will be excellent for new growers and us that want a change of strain bt wna know the odds before biting the bullett. Well done oxy atb pal.

Bloody Elbow
17-05-15, 12:23 PM
After reading that i`m salivating Ox. Sounds & looks de bollocks mate.