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16-04-16, 07:50 PM
Strain - Big Buddha Original Cheese x Cheese Reversed

SeedBank - Herbies

Number of Plants​ - 2

Grow space/setup - 1.2 x 1.2 Greenqube Tent , 125w cfl, 600w MH/HPS , parabolic , 15L Airpots , 8" Rhino L1

Germination - 12 hours soaked in water , 12 hours until taproot in wet paper towel

Vegging - 2 weeks early seedling stage under 125W cfl then onto 4 weeks under 600w MH

Flowering - 9 and a half weeks, first signs of flowers at week 2 12/12

Grow Medium - Canna coco professional plus

Nutes/Feed - Canna coco A,B , Rhizotonic , Liquid silicon , PK 13/14 , Green planet massive

Drying Time - 5 days

Dry Weight - 10.5 oz

Curing Time - 2 weeks so far

Bud Density - 8/10

Bud Grindability - 8/10

Smell in Veg - 6/10

Smell in Flower - 7/10

Smell After Curing - 9/10

Smell of Smoke - 9/10

Taste - 10/10

The High - 8/10

Length of Buzz - 1 hour +

Good comments - very cheesey with a good high, enough to put a grown man on his back if your not careful.The longer it cures the better it gets. Nice smooth smoke with a great taste and a decent end weight. An ideal night time smoke

Bad comments - Nute sensitive and not the easiest to grow, showing different pheno types some stretchy some short, required two flushes whilst growing showed all sorts of problems through to week 5 flower

General comments - I wasn't expecting much from these two due no end of problems with the strain, but the tables soon turned come week 5 flower they picked up and packed on the smell and weight. Impressed with the end result considering

Link to Diary - http://www.thctalk.com/cannabis-forum/showthread.php?137455-WellBlues-Three-Cheese-Mix




05-11-17, 01:23 PM
Old but Thanks blue...... iv just bought a pack. This is why i love this forum :)

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