View Full Version : Legends,Myths,Liers,Truths,Rumours and research of cannabis

Happy roken
18-04-16, 03:06 AM
Like alot of people i like to grow and smoke weed..
I also like to read about the drug gangs and smuggler books and weed mags like many people do.
The one's that i find the most interesting are the stories of hate/greed in the business of green in amsterdam, how so and so invented this strain and i started this company and did this.

the whole skunk number 1 story sam the skunkman aka dave watson
Gw pharma.
Ingemar and the white widow.
nevill and the haze.
Robert Connell Clarke.
the story of OG kush.
The paying/buying votes in the cc cup.
The amsterdam cabal/conspiracy
The hash bag storys.
Strain stealing.

People can search and read about afew of these stories online but only time will tell the truth about them i hope.
I would love for one of these Cannabis Gurus to write a proper book about all these tales with some proper facts/proof..
We know some truths about some of the above and some are on going like gw pharma.

Do you guys have any good tales,stories or conspiracys from the world of weed that people should know..