View Full Version : What exactly is a Percolator Bong?

26-04-19, 04:50 AM
Just about every bong on the market, other than most straight-tube pipes as well as beaker fashion bongs, is recognized as a percolator bong. The principle definition of some sort of percolator bong is every water pipe in which forces the exact cannabis toxins to clean through the mineral water. Percolators present that old classic bubbling noise consumers really like. bongs online Percolators appear in all different shapes together with sizes. Many disperse typically the smoke beyond others and are also extremely complex to make. Additional percolators happen to be simple, in support of filter the exact smoke via one or two slits. Every variety of percolator is different to per se and provides another hit.

26-04-19, 06:12 AM
firing tube straight into the water chamber is a bong a percolating bong goes thu different chambers with various sized holes, the idea is more smaller bubbles thus cooling down the smoke further!
only downside is its a fuckery to clean properly! ya can get a bottle bush into the bits.

roor n graceglass are of note for excellent quality perc bongs.
own several myself but rarely use them, im more of roaching a fatty once its done its into the ashtray! plus ya can drop a joint but ya cant drop a glass bong !

07-05-20, 03:27 PM
They are fancy as hell and I believe they make a difference.