View Full Version : Why We Are strict With Our Comp Rules!

01-03-20, 12:36 AM
Why are the rules regarding the competitions here so strict, when it's all a bit of fun?

I see many new members signing up all the time and entering the fantastic competitions we hold here at THCtalk, and sometimes even members who have been here a while asking the question as to why the rules are so strict in our comps!

So to help clear it up I thought I would make a thread on the subject to help explain them, feel free to link this to help members understand if they do wonder :)

The comps here are just a little fun, however for it to remain fun for both the staff and the members, there need to be guidelines in place to help make sure it all flows smoothly and most importantly..fairly!

Ok so firstly..so why do we have in the rules to have a sign, with thctalk.com and usernames, with the date etc?...well it's because it stops anyone just signing up here, grabbing a beautiful picture of a plant or bud then adding it into the comps, easily done and would absolutely not be fair on the growers here on the forum who have genuinely grown their plants.

We the staff also do not have the time to search the internet to check whether these were lifted from somewhere..so to keep it fair and simple, all we simply ask is that you add a sign with those details to make sure it remains that way.

Now I've also seen members doing nearly everything correctly, but forgetting about the Thctalk.com (for example) and losing out!

Some may wonder why we just don't allow it to slip?..turn a blind eye since it's just one thing...right??

Well sure, BUT..what would happen (and has happened in the past) is, we the staff members then get complaints saying 'X member' didn't do their sign perfectly according to the rules and they won!..or took votes away from their plant and how it's not fair!!

Those members who complain then feel..

Well.. 'why should I bother with sticking to the rules if that member was allowed to get away with not doing their sign properly??.. it spirals out of control, with multiple members getting upset, or simply not entering any more..so the fun has now been ruined.

We want to keep the process smooth, fair and as fun as possible.. so please understand why we enforce these rules and thank you for your understanding! :)

01-03-20, 12:42 AM
To paraphrase the above, the competition host is just that, a host. They want to enjoy the forum & comp too... so the few little rules make it easy for all :)

...if you can't agree to the rules, don't enter, the rules will not flex!