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Ali Bongo
06-05-20, 12:19 PM
Guys and girl of THC Talk, we're back. How are ya?

First off, apologies for our inactivity as of late, as I'm certain you're all aware the UK has gone into lockdown (as if you haven't heard enough about this already :evil: )

As a result of that we had to close our physical store, both of our websites (www.alibongo.co.uk & www.alibongocannabisseeds.co.uk) have remained open albeit with some limitations. This is because we're having to work remotely with a team of just 2 of us, down from the usual 14! On top of that Spring came, the busiest time of year for all seedbanks and headshops around the globe because you know, gardening and stuff :D


The good news is now we have a little normality back we'll be back to our usual activity here with you lovely stoners on THC Talk :Nice:

The even better news? It's just in time to let you guys know we're about to drop another one of our legendary Dank Holidays, but this isn't your typical Bongo Dank Holiday, oh no, this time we're working in collaboration with Barney's Farm & Dr Krippling to bring you some incredible genetics for free :cool:


So spend £35 or over on our seed website (www.alibongocannabisseeds.co.uk) between the 8th - 11th of May and bag yourself 5 free seeds from:-
5 x Barneys Farm - Critical Kush Feminised
5 x Barneys Farm - LSD Auto
5 x Dr Krippling - Red Leicester Feminised
5 x Chemdog Millionaire

You can also nab yourself a cool 15% off with the exclusive discount code THCTALK


Let us know how you're doing and what you're smoking on :D
One love

06-05-20, 12:29 PM
Thanks Ali-Bongo!