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18-06-21, 06:44 PM
"Smoke/Grow Report"

Strain and Seedbank: Black Cherry Punch by Pyramid Seeds, Photo Fem
Parentage : Blackberry Kush x Cherry Pie
Numbers of grows or years growing: About 3 years
Grow Equipment, Location & Style: 150w Quantum Board, Tent, Indoors, Coco
Germination : Wet paper towel in a tub
Vegging : QB, indoors, coco
Flowering : QB, indoors, coco
Soil Grow : N/A
Grow Medium : Cheap coco blocks
Nutes/Feed: Vitalink
Weeks of veg: 3 weeks
Weeks of flower : 7 weeks
Colour of thrichs at time of harvest: A mixture of clears, cloudy and a few ambers
Wet yield: Did not weigh
Drying time: Test sampling, no drying
Dry Yield: Did not weigh
Curing time: 2 weeks (eventually)
Bud Density: ? /10 : 6 / 10
Bud Appearance Comments: Pointy at the top, very sticky, greasy
Grindability : ? /10 : I don't use grinders
Smell in veg: ? /10 : Moderate
Smell in flower: ? /10 : Stronger than moderate but not overpowering
Smell after curing: ? /10 : Don't know yet
Smell of smoke: ? /10 : A little vape smell but not intense
Taste: ?/10 : Hints of Mangoes
The High: ?/10 : Not much of a head high, much more so on the body, and calming of the mind. A little desire to eat, but far from urgent ravenousness
Length of buzz :?/10 : 4 hours. The effects came on quick, and lasted for about 2 hours. Then after the next two the "hang over" cleared
Good comments: Caught me a little off guard at just how strong this strain is, but that feeling very soon disappeared followed by the relaxation.
Bad Comments: Give it a good amount of time to veg or yield might be lower than expected. She is a little stretchy but she also fills out.
General Comments:Not much purpling showed up. The Black Cherry Punch is comparable to the Amnesia Fast in terms of strength of its effects, and plant structure, but without the eye tingle or face melt. The smell in the tent is not as strong either.
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