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24-01-11, 12:06 AM
Im not really up to much witth indoor side of things when it comes to running lights in air tight spaces.

My question is simple, obviously im gonna need extraction, but the space is air tight so how do i go about intake? Its not actaully for me, my friend is making a little space for himself, but do i need seperate rucks to pull air out and one to pull air in? Only time ive grew indoors it wasnt a issue lol, it might b stupid question so i might not hav explained myself proply lol.Also be smokin jack all night :stoned-smilie:

24-01-11, 02:49 AM
you can do a passive intake system which is you relying on the extraction and cf to pull air in through the vent/holes you cut if the bulbs not too hot.

active intake is 2 fans one in one out so yeah you was right.

24-01-11, 08:00 PM
Ok so i need to pull air in at same rate im pulling it out im thinking? cheers mate, i hav idea now on wot gotta do. leafy

26-01-11, 08:38 PM
I run a passive intake and carbon filter and 4" inline on the outlet I rely on the negative presure to draw fresh air in through the inlet.

if you run an active inlet it must shift less cfm than your outlet or you'll end up with positive presure in your grow area and the smell will escape.

if your using a tent - negative presure = sides being sucked in = good, positive pressure = sides pushed out = bad.

26-01-11, 08:59 PM
Mr bimble thank you buddy, that makes sense. So passive is were u basicly u just have a hole in side so as u pull air out it draws air in? hmmm see its not a tent. But its gonna be outiside hmmm could it be done by diggining a tunnel in ground up and out other side? would that pull air in if i was pulling it out? Hmm hope i havnt lost you im stoned but cheers mate. leafy

so u only have to run one ruck? :)