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Jāck Herer
26-01-11, 04:48 PM
These guys rock. Their hydrolab tents are really well made and they have loads of dif sizes. Plus I small problem with one of my orders and the guy went well out of his way to make sure I was happy. I just thought I would give it a mention.


13-03-11, 12:01 AM
totally agree with you m8 ive had two off of them one mother keeper which ive had for over a year and a 2.4 by 2.0 flower tent plenty of vent options fours doors for easy all round access and the best prices around by far imho

Bobby Digital
13-03-11, 10:36 AM
they look good they do with all the different sizes and hobby or pro options, the prices is also very reasonable. when i do get one i think these will be the ones i get it from...

The Lost Soul
13-03-11, 11:14 AM
I have a hydrolab 1x1x1.8m tent and it's the shizzle, only cost £90 and well worth the cash.

22-03-11, 05:44 PM
I've got a LAB-80 for one of my tents and it does the job nicely, not as nice as my budbox-L, but it was cheaper and fits under the eves.

22-03-11, 05:49 PM
Yeah there great guys at hydrolab, i brought loads of stuff off them when i first setup, and i also upgraded my tent recently which i also brought from them.. Even broke two TT fans and he replaced one then gave me a refund on the second at my request

Top service

03-11-11, 04:43 PM
After talking to a few peeps in the forums I took the plunge today and bought a 120 x 80 x 180cm hydrolab grow tent (http://www.hydrolab-hydroponics.co.uk/) from a grow shop near to where I live. Set it up this afternoon and I've got to say I'm really impressed with it, loads of ports which is great as I'm growing in my loft so plenty of options to run electrics in for 2 heater mats, a small rad and an oscillating fan. Can't fault the quality, really thick materials and the zips look pukka too. The bloke at the shop was telling me that he's just started stocking their new range (has metal corner connectors etc.) This is the one I've got and it really does looks the business, well chuffed!

Any one else got one of hdyrolab's new tents? If so, how long you had it and is everything sweet with it?


03-11-11, 10:41 PM
I've got one of those bistermishi its a good tent but as has been said i don't rate them as highly as budbox the redeeming feature is the size options as there are loads. Good robust tent had no probs and with the tent and done two full grows now they seem to fluctuate in price a lot though i spent 130 on mine a month or two later they were 170 god knows what they are now. The reason i like the budbox better is it has a better light seal mine leaks pin hole sized leaks on virtually all stitching and zips wheres the budbox i had was pretty much impenetratble. Enjoi

04-11-11, 07:49 AM
Thanks spoonofinsanity. I bought mine for £155, they also had last years model on display which they were selling off for £130. Apparently last years model wasn't very lightproof like you say but my tent seems to be fine.. perhaps they made improvements since?

BTW looking forward to seeing how your Pineapple Express turns out!

All the best.

04-11-11, 08:18 AM
If my new led arrives the pineapple , might get flowered in the hydrolab fella would be good if they have updated the tents because they are good quality don't think i'll replace mine till something catastrophic happens to it, good to know about the upgrades as not many other top end manufacturers make the size options hydrolab do.
Cheers fella enjoi

mr toke
26-10-12, 06:00 PM
thanks mate