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15-06-11, 07:32 PM
Has anyone used 1 of these?


Bit of info:

Kessil H150 LED Grow Light - Blue Vegetation Enhancer

Kessil™ H150 is an innovative high intensity LED grow light designed specifically for indoor growing experts. Using the patented Dense Matrix LED™ platform, H150 effectively delivers penetrating and spectrum specific light directly onto targeted plants. This advanced light source is sophisticated in technology, yet exceptionally easy to operate. The compact form factor makes H150 extremely versatile, providing endless possibilities for its usage.
Experience the light, maximize your plants' potential, and join the spectral revolution!

H150 Blue Vegetation Enhancer
The BLUE model is aimed at enhancing vegetative growth without sacrificing yield. Working in conjunction with conventional or advanced LED lighting systems, this booster light will promote stem growth and reduce internodal length. Use this one-of-a-kind LED grow light to supplement the blue spectrum at any time to keep plants healthy and strong.

LED 30W High Luminous DEX 2100 LED
Fixture Dimensions 4.49” x 2.48” (Length x Diameter)
Height from Plant 12 to 18 inches
Coverage Area 2 feet diameter
Power Supply 100-240V AC (Input), 24V DC (Output)
Power Usage 36W (40W Max)

With it stating it covers a 2 feet diameter then it should be perfect for my dr60 veg tent to replace the 250w MH and cut down on a bit of heat/electric.

15-06-11, 08:07 PM
noooooooo dont do it, there crap mate theres one in action on another forum i can send you the link if you want, see before you buy

15-06-11, 08:10 PM
yeh why does it say 150w on it yet the specs are only 30w?

15-06-11, 08:14 PM
Agreed, I don't like the look of it, those figures are flat out unrealistic, a 2" diameter LED sure as hell ain't gonna cover a 2 foot diameter area, plus the price looks hilarious

15-06-11, 08:15 PM
like i always tell you folks there are a lot of shit l.e.d lights out there that aint upto the job, trust if you want some advice come and see old seymour :)

15-06-11, 08:19 PM
Cheers for the advice fellas, I've always been very reluctant to buy any LED's, That ''ONLY USE 15W AND ON PAR WITH A 600W HPS" nonsense. But there is more and more higher quality LED's coming into play and within 10-15 yrs I think we'll all be using them. This particular LED light caught my interest about the light intensity and coverage.

Maybe I'll have another look in 5 years and just stick to HID for now :)

15-06-11, 08:31 PM
yeah fuk l.e.d's mate they aint upto doing the job just yet, id wait at least 5 years before getting one :joint:

and what ever you do dont check out my grow diaries ;)

15-06-11, 08:45 PM
how much was your panel fella once ya had it shipped etc ? i have been looking on the auction site thing and there are loads on the market , but you seem to have the best of the bunch and def the know how !!! :-)

15-06-11, 08:57 PM
you should check out hemivette's blackstar panel i think his uses 3 watt l.e.d diodes and they are a lot cheaper than mine there bout £200 i think

15-06-11, 09:25 PM
same ones im using too, no complaints with em so far :)