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02-11-11, 12:23 PM
Hey there
have a 120x120x180 grow tent,set up is 600w,tt100 4 inch extractor with carbon active filter,clip on fan and 10inch oscillating fan,problem is cant get the temp below 28.2C,humidity is 51%,dont really want to go with an active intake,do you think passive intake will solve this?outside temp is 13C but will be going down more and more as winter takes hold.have 2 plants approx 3 and a half feet,with lots of buds that are in flower,have brought them inside now because of weather,as growth was nearly come to a standstill,trichomes are still very clear,just want another 2 to 3 weeks in tent,any suggestions would be very helpful,oh and plants are very healthy...regards...

04-11-11, 06:59 PM
Im no expert, but a 4 inch fan on a tent that big seems a little under powered compared to other peeps set ups

04-11-11, 07:05 PM
you need a bigger ''OUT TAKE'' than ''INTAKE '' fan i would say at least a 6'' high presure out take , 5'' low presure fan will help loads