View Full Version : Whats a good entry level Bong?

29-08-12, 03:42 PM
I kind of like the incredibowl type of bong but its a bit steep for my budget at the moment. So what Bong does a similar job at less price? Someone has said to me always go for a glass bong...is that correct?

Thanks in advance.

29-08-12, 03:58 PM
I think smoking from glass in the only way to go,i love the new bong designs (but hate the super high prices too),I hear that roor are the best but im sure alot of the expensive ones are awesome.As far as cheap,i bet even the cheapest "good" models will run you a pretty penny.

29-08-12, 09:55 PM
Well after a bit of research i reckon this looks decent value


Would i need anything else for it?

11-09-12, 06:05 AM
not really necessary to by a name brand tube. now thats if ur a careful enough person as bongs that are actually better are better because they are blown by really good blowers. meaning they are more like to have good consistency. the micro structure being uniform is very important to strength especially for impact resistance.
all that being said the important things to look for in a bong are
1.glass on glass fittings- there should be nothing but glass anywhere, not holding the down stem not around the base or mouth piece no where. this will make it totally cleanable with isopropal alcohol and salt to damn near brand new. not mention not slowly inhaling ur not glass pieces.
2.slitted(best) or other wise diffused downstem- this reduces how hard u need to pull to make ur bong bubble, that chugging feeling of large bubbles(i don't like it but some of my boys do), and most importantly the splash, no one like bong water in their mouth.
3.wide base- now this matters less if ur carefull enough but having something that doesn't need to be placed down as if it was being surgically implanted is nice
from there its all extra
4.thick glass is always nice
5.low profile down stems are great for getting the bowl further from ur face. also great because they can be upgraded to instead of having to get it at first(just like the diffusable downstem, and yes they make ones that are both). oh and by low profile i mean 18mm to 14mm fitting so the down stem barely sticks out
6.i like stemless tubes but they are kind expensive especially when diffused but not having a down stem is nice, one less things to drop, and no dreadedsorry for the lengthy post but i just took a nice big rip so im rambling
7. beaker bottoms hold more water, which does 2 things lowers the center of gravity to avoid tipping and let the water stay fresher longer, i love a fresh bong hit but i don't want to have to change the water mid session all the time like i do with straight tubes.
and i could go on and on i love a good tube, personally i have a 9mm phire with a bell bottom. thing is super diesel i've had it for 4 years almost now and it has been hit by dogs, friends, myself, everything and is still kicking. i even had pieces break while in it with it being unscathed.

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