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10-10-12, 09:32 AM
Hi all, I'm getting a new EHLE Bong today and just wanted to know what people would recommend as a good cleaning product.
I want to keep this bong sparkling, my last ones don't look to good! I normally use a little bottle called Killer Cleaner, just wondering if there is better or if it even makes that much of a difference.


10-10-12, 09:42 AM
costic soda will get it brand new every time, but is some very naughty stuff. if you have never used it before you must read the instructions and clean and rinse after using it, it will burn the skin from your hands if strong enough. i use it for my work, and started using it all over the house, bathroom, kitchen, it beats any cleaner on the market and you can use it for just about anything. but as said above, this stuff is very dangerous if not used properly and not rinsed or cleaned afterwards.

10-10-12, 10:14 AM
yeah caustic soda does the job well but ive had white stains left on glass after using it, washes off with a few solvent washes though
salt water works well and iso or white spirit, will do the job
though high proof vodka is the best ive used, it strips off the oily resin gunk and leaves the bong shimmering

wouldnt ever bother paying out for a bong cleaner, your getting ripped off mate

10-10-12, 10:59 AM
Greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!