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13-11-12, 04:55 AM
As a massive insomniac I'm up most up the night so I might as well start a blog.

Theres numerous reasons for this but the biggest and most compelling (for me anyway) is that I've never done one before.

Some of the topics I'll be writing about are:

Bertrand Russell
Critical theory
Quantum theory
Political philosophy
Classical music
Fractal Geometry

But mostly I'll be writing nonsense,things such as:

A beginners guide to celebrities with deformed limbs..

1. Jeremy Beadle
2. Her who played Demise in Coronation Street,she was stalked by Don Brennan.

Going to make a coffee,back soon....

13-11-12, 05:14 AM
I need some new slippers

I could ask Pamela or as there cheap one of the life to buy me a pair for Christmas

Then again that could be a dangerous,costly error of judgement.

I'm almost certain to get a pair with a cartoon character on such as Homer Simpson or Mr.Happy

(I wonder if Fred West's bought him slippers like that,very inappropriate really)

The t.v is on

It's a music channel called Bliss... We built this city on rock n' roll

All a massive improvement all this media,all i had in the 80's was the radio

(and that was mostly phone ins,total bastards ringing in to complain yhat they neighbours fence was too high and the council won't do anything about it,fucktards)

Gonna have a smoke.

13-11-12, 05:36 AM
Theres freedom writing a blog (wonder where that word originates from.. blog..it sounds Klingon,Jesus I hate Star Trek)

These ramblings will be littered with spelling mistakes,poor grammer and general fuck ups.

Glad we've got a new postman,the last one Ronnie was a total arsehole I only pretended to like him so he didn't hijack/discard our mail in some bush somewhere.

Mail ?

That's an Americanism !

When did I start using that ?

I'll be calling the boot of the car a 'trunk' before to long.

14-11-12, 12:31 PM
LOL. Carry on mate imnpissing my self reading this ! Your got some weird shit flowing through that head of yours !
Keep it up !

14-11-12, 05:26 PM
Fun stuff, Sid :)

And in case you want to know...
blog (wonder where that word originates from
It's a contraction of web log.

Interestingly (perhaps), there are also other meanings: In the late-1800s it was used as term for a servant in a college. Later, in the 1960s, the term Joe Bloggs came along, perhaps with roots in the 'servant' meaning. There's some conjecture that these two meanings both stem from 'bloke'.

14-11-12, 05:27 PM
Holy shit my brain is frazzled

14-11-12, 05:40 PM
Hahahahahaha Quality

15-11-12, 07:33 PM
Today I discovered that Hitler wasn't a vegetarian.

Various biographers,including those who knew the dictator intimately,record his passion for Bavarian sausages.

Nor was he an Atheist

He said in 'Mein Kampf' 1925

"I am convinced that I am acting as the agent of our Creator. By fighting off Jews,I am doing the Lords work"

Apparently he used the same sort of words on a speech to the Reichstag on 1933.

I spilt Orange juice on the carpet and didn't clean it up properly and now the carpets sticky.

I'll wait till neither of the kids are around,so they cant deny it and then ill blame one of them.

15-11-12, 08:39 PM
But without Hitler we wouldn't have Fanta


Bubbles LM
15-11-12, 08:42 PM
hahahhahaha, that is all..

20-05-13, 12:35 PM
Smoggy I take it your bored with blogging at the mo? ;)

From deep inside my den.....

20-05-13, 12:57 PM
i do enjoy sid's ramblings
such nonsense, such relevant and yet so irrelevant nonsense. its a talent, preternatural brilliance of conveying completely juxtaposed nonsense, juxtaposed in the sense that this irrelevant nonsense, is actually completely relevant sense! paha
There is a fine line between madness and genius, smoggy is tiptoeing on the precipice of madness. No doubt.
im subbed up ya mad hatter

30-05-13, 09:29 AM
Whats happened to the blog was enjoying it?

30-05-13, 09:44 AM
My tellys on.... some shite on MTV bout a girl who met a lad online..... boring

My eyes feel heavy and I should really go to sleep.

Wouldn't it be good if you didn't need sleep lol

God messed up the design there

Smoggy..... over to you :-)

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26-06-13, 06:40 PM
Come on Smoggy, we need more of your wise words.
Either that or i'm going on to David Icke's website!

26-06-13, 07:52 PM
your mad,but funny!come and impart some wisdom in these potheads!

26-06-13, 08:33 PM
mad or wise hmmmm i can not decide but this is making me spit my tea over the screen
loving this smoggy so keep it going much better than some of the shit the stars are putting in there blogs pmsl