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19-11-12, 01:07 PM
Hello everyone! Well as some know, I finally acquired everything I needed to be a licensed patient, now I've been taking notes on the strains I liked, which is quite a few. Hopefully other medical release holders will have the opportunity to try some of these. Well here goes...

Platinum Bubba Kush.
Don't let the indica stamp fool you, this was a hybrid. Complete body relaxation followed by your head falling off your body. Great Platinum taste, but rare to find in my parts.
White Fire OG.
White Rhino crossed with Fire OG. Heavy trichome amount, very distinct taste on the OG side. Mostly indica with a slight sativa twist that hits you same time as the body, if you ever get a chance to try and your hurtin or can't sleep, this will solve your problem.
Omg.... Tastes like coffee and feels like a pure indica, but I suspect that it was let go until a high amber percentage because of the major couch lock. Either way, top 5.
OG Kush.
Everything an OG says it should be, and the taste is one of my favorites.
Cherry Pie.
I say 80/20 indica sativa. Not a terribly apparent fruit taste, but it is there a little. Mid grade, but very enjoyable relaxing stone.
Girl Scout Cookies.
This particular GSC I got was too fresh and had to be cured a few days, but well worth it. Very smooth and tasted almost like Chocolope. Very sativa in every way, enjoyable smoke but I'm a pain patient, not really for me. More of a depression or anxiety smoke.
Kens GDP.
Yessir! One in town has actual Kens Granddaddy Purple! And let me tell you, IT IS AMAZING! Skunky/fruity/omg make you want to live in the jar smell. Indica stone like you've never imagined, euphoric and ridiculously relaxing. Extremely potent, and can easily put you to sleep. If you can ever get your hands on it, DO IT.
Super Sour Diesel.
This is the mac daddy of sour right here! Extremely sour smell and taste, 40/60 indica sativa I suspect. It's definately more on the sativa side. Also dents pain, but I would say this is more of an anxiety or appetite stone as it gave me super munchies.
Blueberry Kush.
Smells and tastes very fruity, indica dominant for sure. Too much of this WILL make the room start spinning on you so take it easy. Will put you to sleep as well, but is great for my pain.
Purple Erkle.
Surprisingly potent purple strain, but not a knockout. Very relaxing with a hint of sativa, hashy taste with a slight fruityness.
Diamond OG.
Holy shit. Very sativa dominant and will make it clear to you god damn! Great OG taste I like that... Careful with this one thpugh as it goes pretty much straight to the head.
Blue Dream.
Super sativa, but I actually like this one. It puts you almost in that I don't care mood, so the hurt doesn't really bother me its just there and its whatever. Nice taste too!
Strawberry Dogshit.
The only reason I took a note on this one, is because of the name. Come on get the fuck outta here lol strawberry dogshit really? Didn't try any but it better be good with a name like that lol.
Champagne Kush.
50/50 straight up, this will cure whatever ails you and tastes like wine. Delicious smoke, great effects, potent, great med right here.
This shit is spicy! Sativa dominant, but it shows its indica side later on. Good overall smoke but wouldnt do any good for appetite or insomnia.

Some of those are uncensored from the time of smoking so should be funny lol. I'll add some more later, got some pretty exotic ones coming.

20-11-12, 10:44 PM
i would like to add three more

paradise opium very high cbn cbd have given this to cancer patients (yes there is a s at the end there) very good result. Keeno has smoked this also for pain and can confirm

Paradise Durga matta also a high cbn cbd india strain very good medical strain for pains

Paradise all kush another fine medical herb not as strong

21-11-12, 07:58 AM
Good to see you C21. Great addition. An addition for tonight I took a picture since I have it in my hands. None other than Purple OG Kush.


Can't even see all the purple in it but look at that tastyness. Here we go gona try her out...
Alright after ground up it has a fruity smell! I like that. Super smooth, fruity exhale with awesome classic OG taste after the exhale. Hillbilly, is this one of your phenos? If so job well done sir!!

Will have more later.

21-11-12, 08:00 AM
Does more justice.

01-12-12, 09:53 AM
Oakland OG.
Donated by an "OG from Oakland" this particular pheno is an indica. Lots of trichomes and potent, she even has the classic OG taste 100%.

Purple so dark its almost black. 100% indica and has a pine/grape taste. Great for your pain and will put you to sleep. Potent for a purple.

Papa OG.
There are purple genetics here as when ground up you see purple here and there. Tasty OG flavor with a hint of sweetness. Indica with a hybrid finish, lots of trichomes and its potent. Wasn't trimmed very well but other than that can't complain.

Mr. T OG.
I've been on an OG kick lately and this is BY FAR THE MOST POTENT! Heavy heavy trichome production inside, heavy sativa high kicks you right in the face almost instantly. Careful with this one it put me to sleep half way through bowl 3, roughly .7 grams. Straight OG taste.

Grape Stomper BX II (Gage Green)
Deeeeelicious! Smells like grapes, tastes like fruit, very hybrid in every way. Unfortunately temps weren't right or it wasn't a purple pheno or something and it made it heavy on the sativa side. Still love it.

18-02-13, 12:35 AM
Kens Granddaddy Purple I got 4 seeds got three to grow and all three where boys, I picked a nice boy to breed out of in hope to make my own purple Indica strain one day. A friend grew Kens Granddaddy Purple last year and said the Spider mites loved it and never branched worth a darn so was very low yield. I think it would be a nice indoor plant but Here in Cali if your growing out doors you don't want to grow a low yielding strain and put all the time into it. :)