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09-05-13, 09:46 PM
Hi guys,

Welcome to my review on the Incredibowl M420 Mini pipe. - Please dont get this confused with the full size version.


Winner, Best Product, 2011 Denver Medical Cannabis Cup

What Incredibowl say,
The Incredibowl i420 has won numerous High Times Cannabis Cup's, with its innovative design, robust build quality and a Lifetime warranty on all non glass parts you can see why the Incredibowl has taken the smoking world by storm.
Using 13 carbholes and the laws of physics the Incredibowl has re-written what is possible to achieve in a compact design. The Mini Incredibowl offers the same cooling system and innovative design but in a portable and pocket friendly size.

Using the M420


My Review.

The Incredibowl M420 is a handy little pipe to have. I dont think it justify's the rrp of £59.99 but having said that, it is a nice pipe.

Build Quality.
Very well made! impressed with this product, coming from a guy that has owned more glass bong than pairs of underware!. the chamber is "incredibowly" strong, excuse the pun ;) ive let the dogs chew on mine with no ill effect on the pipe and bounced it off a few walls and again no probs....
the bowl/carb end is made from ali i think, and held in place by a strong band, which works well i have to say.
also you get 2 FREE STICKERS!

You load this pipe from the bottom, light said material, and draw, you then pull on the bottom of the pipe for the carb hole.
Its a tad harsh for my liking. there isnt enough room for smoke to collect before sucking it down, and thus it burns the back of your throat.
The expansion chamber (http://www.everyonedoesit.co.uk/online_headshop/mini-incredibowl-expansion-chamber.cfm?iProductID=9155) is a must have with this product, again it doesnt quite justify the extra £30! for it..... it should come as part of the package, but doesnt. Disappointing! this is the only thing that lets this product down.

Incredibly easy to clean this product. The glass bowl comes out and the bottom carb system comes apart with ease. i put a gauze in the bowl but there is one in the actual chamber for filtration. the middle chamber does go a bit yellow after usage but easily cleanable
i only needed a bowl of warm water and a pipe cleaner to clean back to brand new condition.

Also may i add, you get a lifetime warranty on all non glass products, everything apart from the bowl! - Banging!
i only used the email from the head shop i bought it from as proof of purchase.

Not a bad little pipe but doesnt quite step up to the £60rrp price tag.
its a little tricky to get used to lighting it and drawing from it, but suprisingly holds enough stash for a few hits.
I would give this pipe a 6 out of 10, if they threw in the expansion chamber and carry case it would be a 10. Its a tad pricy for what it is.

Hope you enjoyed this review!


21-04-14, 12:02 PM
oh man. thanks for this review! i actually never got what this thing is doing. helped me a lot to understand why the incredibowl is so incredible :D