View Full Version : Don't give up on a strain, or diss it.

15-05-13, 06:53 PM
This is to say, i grew deep sweet grapefruit (DSG) once, and i didn't like the high very much. I grew it again and left it longer than normal, i also didn't trim it very well too, heard that more of the cbd is in the leaves, not to sure where or how accurate this is.

Any way, my jack 33 high was a bit like 'think the worst' 'i'm high now if i get a phone call saying i have to go some where i wouldn't be able to do it.' Now this is what i felt when smoking the first lot of DSG. Just started on the other batch that i was putting off and it feels totally different, i'm up for any thing.

I know a lot of this is your mind state too when smoking it, yes it's just come into spring, everything is getting greener and greener and the world looks great, but i think that if you have had a batch that you didn't like the smoke, grow it again or harvest half and then harvest the other half a week or two later.

I feel everyone may benefit from this, we might get a better approach on a strain if it is rushed or forgotten about. Some people hate breeding companies because of a bad batch that may have been harvested too early or late, i say give it another grow and see if you can tell a difference in high.

Peace jump