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Thread: Cannabis and antidepressant (mirtazapine/remeron) & recent anxiety issues! URGENT!

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    Sensijacksilver Guest

    Unhappy Cannabis and antidepressant (mirtazapine/remeron) & recent anxiety issues! URGENT!

    Hello folks,

    This is a mixed issue... I'm looking for medical evidence or personal anecdotal evidence. No conjecture if possible (usually isn't helpful) unless you have something to back it up with.

    I've been taking Mirtazapine/Remeron (same drug - different industrial name depending on your location) for about 2-3 years now for depression and anxiety. Slowly moved upwards from 15mg. Started taking 30mg because 15mg was losing it's effects that helped me sleep and eat better. I have now moved to 45mg because of a recent anxiety scare with cannabis!

    I've been smoking different strengths of cannabis for about 5 years at about 1g daily (with the occasional month long break for tolerance purposes). I recently found silk road and have been smoking some VERY fine stuff (not necessarily strong! But very nice...) from all over the world for the last 4 months. Not had a single episode of even the slightest anxiety throughout this time up until recently.

    HOWEVER, the recent anxiety scare I spoke of came on in the last two months quite slowly (also had a building amount of personal issues but didn't think these were affecting me at the time). At first I was just noticing feeling a little bit anxious from smoking high THC/low CBD strains. Then after a batch of pretty poor quality amnesia haze (of which I had smoked before with no issue)... the final joint of it gave me some pretty unbearable anxiety. This kept me from sleeping at first because it was late at night... then I just drifted off due to the sleepy effects we're all familiar with. What worried me was that the anxiety was still evident the next day! By this point I decided it was a safe idea to stop smoking cannabis completely. I had to go to the doctors and get some diazepam (told them what had happened and that I thought it was at least partially cannabis related - they recommended the diazepam at 2mg but I was usually taking half with it being addictive). This seemed to work really well to calm me down when I was on it (felt completely fine at points). When it wore off I went back to feeling a bit anxious initially. But... day by day I found that I needed it less and less. By the time I decided I felt safe to stop taking the diazepam (after about 6 days) I had agreed to up my dosage of mirtazapine to 45mg to keep my mood stable. It's been two weeks since the initial anxiety event, just over a week since I stopped taking diazepam and about a week since I upped my dose of mirtazapine. I'm feeling pretty good again for the majority of the day with the occasional (but not very serious) bout of anxiety (usually set off by talking about/seeing upsetting things or worrying about what's happened to me).

    Can anyone shed any light on what has happened? Specifically in regards to things like combining mirtazapine (or other similar antidepressants) with cannabis, smoking when you have anxiety and depression (long term - without any bad experiences for years).

    I do feel much better now but I think I could eliminate the anxiety completely if I had a better idea of what's been up with me.

    Really appreciate anything (serious) that people have to say. I'm sure some of you know how difficult this type of issue can be so take that into account.


    I live in the UK and have recently found a reliable supplier of CBD tinctures made from industrial hemp (this is rare as rocking horse shit as resident will know and I will gladly pass the knowledge onto those who ask). I'm considering trying this as a supplement to my antidepressants (and hopefully an alternative if it works) to deal with the remaining anxiety. I was just wondering if this was safe considering my last reaction to cannabis? I keep hearing that it isn't psychoactive whatsoever and then that it is slightly psychoactive... that's the main worry.

    Again. Thank you to all who can answer the questions I have posted.

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    MrMojorising Guest


    ive been on mitrazapine for 4 years and have no anxiety attacks brought on from cannabis,the opposite its beneficial,
    try looking at the strains you smoke and go for indicas,if a plant is harvested before its ready you sometimes get a rushy paranoia feeling but that goes,
    sounds like you hit the nail on the head with this bit
    (also had a building amount of personal issues but didn't think these were affecting me at the time)
    going through rough times and dealing with issues can affect your anxiety,
    the dread of change,the feeling of despair aren't cannabis related,its a normal behavior to a situation

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    I`ve been on mirtazapine full dose for 10 years and smoke weed daily, i have had anxiety attacks and still get them occasionally, im not sue if its weed elated but cus ive suffeed with anxiety for years i know what it is and just reason with myself in my own head lol, and put it to one side as best i can cus i know it never leads to nowt so i deal with them pretty ok these days and dont suffer as much as i used too.

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    Sensijacksilver Guest


    I agree with you on the combination of mirtazapine and cannabis. I've literally never had a problem with it. They're often synergistic with the way I feel while on both.

    That's very true - it was a bad batch that I had to water cure to get rid of some nastyness. Didn't look like it was harvested/grown right either tbh.

    I think I just need to go and sort out my personal issues before I go trying cannabis again! I'm really hoping it was just a combination of things happening recently and accepting that things in the past actually have had an effect on me coming to a head (potentially set off by even a little bit of paranoia from bad cannabis).

    Part of the reason I've had to post this is because I've had parents/relatives who know I smoke are constantly telling me that it'll make my depression/anxiety worse or that I'm going schizo.. (I have no family history of it whatsoever and showing no classic signs of it)

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    Sensijacksilver Guest


    The only thing is... due to the severity of the anxiety and how long it lasted after the joint I'm a bit scared to try it again! Even if it was (worst case scenario) sprayed with something or partially synthetic weed I'll remember it was so bad at points I wanted to knock myself out!

    No doubt I'll forget what it felt like and try it again once my personal issues are out of the way.

    I've got a bunch of crystals sat in the bottom of my honeyduster grinder from weed that didn't cause me any issues. It's been calling to me!

    Just hoping this CBD tincture comes through before I decide to try it!

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    I was on mirtazapine for depression and insomnia, think its alright as far as antidepressants go. better than say Prozac or seroxat or cirtralene. Too much cannabis smoking as in excessive daily use is going to take its toll and I reckon you should try and cut down. I don't smoke until teatime now but I have to literally lock the weed away or i'm like so fuck i'll have a joint, not making excuses but I've got a very addictive personality Too much of anything is bad but 45mg mirtazapine won't be fucking you up. Cut down on the weed then you enjoy it more and have a more balanced outlook. Too much dope makes me a bit grumpy and edgy (no shit)
    Everything in moderation, that's what my moomin mum always says.

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    I know this is old but have you considered it was the strain(high thc/low cbd) that caused the anxiety? Cbd is what I've heard being the most useful to help anxiety and THC being psychoactive, with already having (mild?) anxiety that can trigger it. I know I've had an anxiety attack trigger when I've tried a different strain(I don't know what it was and don't plan on trying it again).
    Sorry, this is mostly guessing
    Would like to know if you got your answer or if the cbd tincture helped/worked?

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    I found smoking indicas has relaxed my terrible anxiety and mental health issues i suffer from an emptionally unstable multiple persoanlity disorder along with severe depression and anxiety and at present im dealing with fightimg for visitation with my 2 beautfiull kids and im finding it reall tough at moment but when i get some good indica in and have a good smoke i feel i can cope an i aint as angry and highrate ..... iv been on mirtazipine quitiapine(top end anyi phsycotic up from mirtazipine) and like you say they lose effect after a while i was on doses of 200mg twice a day at the bad times but finding good hazey indicas and changing strains every other day has calmed me alot and got me on reduced meds believe it or not... weed will affect every ome differently but smoking weed causes depression and anxiety in the long term but its effect help those suffering in the present....

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    From what I am understanding about your question, you went to A regular MD to ask question about Marijuana? You need to go to A marijuana doctor and ask his opinion of what might be going on with your self. JMO Just realize this was 6 years ago, lol Maybe he has figure it out by now. haha

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    I was prescribed and I still do to clonazepam and escitalopram which i no longer take... but i do keep a clonazepam box for emergency...
    any "sativa" like weed will make me feel bad, can get my anxiety levels through the roof.. so i just dont smoke that
    i only smoke indicas with an easy effect on the mind.. i dont smoke at daytime also i feel it keeps me balanced even tho not as calm as id want to...
    each gotta figure his way buddy
    i am finding out these days that being productive and do things that make me feel good about myself are really the way to go .. like keeping it calm and balanced.. and moderate cannabis use...

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    I take mirtazinpin , amitryiptilime and serrraline along with cannabis daily (suppose to have anti pshycotics aswell) but I have huge anxiety issues an paranoia, always have, it maybe not much help but I’m starting to think after 7 years on meds and 15 years smoking I’d probably say I’m worse than what I was 7 years ago , so I don’t think certain weeds help but medication that blocks your brain deffo hasn’t helped , I still take them just to keep sane let’s say but in the long term I’d say meds haven’t helped me whatsoever

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