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Thread: Metal pipe gauze question

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    Cool Metal pipe gauze question

    Hi guys! I'm brand new to the forum so hello to all I have a question about this little metal pipe I've just bought. I've never smoked a pipe before so I'm a little unsure about the whole gauze thing. My pipe has got what looks like gauze already built into the bowl, like a thin metal mesh layer. Do I need additional gauze as well? Or am I alright just packing my weed in the bowl on top of this mesh thing? I'm sorry for the poor description, I tried to upload a photo but it wouldn't let me so I hope you know what I mean!!

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    Yeah its a screen just put the weed on to light and inhale and ur golden
    wen u said guaze all i could see is like medical guaze lol but i got wat u ment by the end
    I'm living my life as if I had powers and tonight I feel immortal!

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