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    Default sleestack x skunk#1

    Link to grow diary:

    Strain and seedbank: - seedsman seeds sleestack x skunk#1 now called (resinator) - mainly sativa.

    Numbers of grows or years growing: - First ever grow

    Grow Equipment, Location & Style: - soil in 80x80x160 tent...4" cheepo vents intake/ rvk 4" outake with rhino carbon filter, 150w cfl veg, maxibright digi ballest 275w super lumes hps during flower, topped once

    Nutes/Feed: - canna vega, canna pk13/14

    Weeks of veg: 4 to 5

    Weeks of flower: 9 could of gone longer but plant was seriously starved.

    Colour of thrichs at time of harvest: mostly cloudy , some amber

    Wet yield: roughly 31g

    Drying time: a week

    Dry Yield: weight after dry: mid 20's

    Curing time: not really botherd curing

    Bud Density ?/10: 6

    Bud Appearance Comments: nice tight main colas, quite fluffy

    Grindability ?/10: fluffs up

    Smell in veg ?/10: 4

    Smell in flower ?/10: 7

    Smell after drying ?/10: 8, smells like posh coffee strangly with a distinct citrus/fruity smell

    Smell of smoke ?/10: 6, joint, dont smell to bad

    Taste ?/10: 10 very nice smooth smoke

    The High ?/10: 7 daytime smoke, no munchies , very calming, not to heavy a high. minimal dry mouth, no unwanted effects felt.

    Length of buzz ?/10: 6, lasts a good few hours, then tails off quite quickly, requiring more to get you back there, normal kingy joint with a moderate amount of bud.

    Good comments: much much better then i was expecting for freebies, VERY hardy plant extrememly easy to grow.

    Bad Comments: needs longer then seedbank states although i did have a very sativa dom pheno.

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