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Thread: UK crown court 22 plants need help

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    Hope you get an educated Judge , best of luck .

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    Quote Originally Posted by captain beefheart View Post
    typical fooking welsh hey fooking hell oxy give it him dark and hard like !!!!!
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    this is a persy growers site we have a 10 plant rule (which should be 9)so as not to attract the wrong kind of attention,you know the sort you have had?good luck but naughty man for that number of plants.peace
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    villion what rules am new here never wanted to post just used too read when i was growing have i said something wrong

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    you sound a nice enough bloke so I wish ya luck. I worked with a scouser 1 time and he was dead on to, really mischievous but down to earth and a cracking accent. That being said I think you need to learn how to keep it quiet next time.. the kids trying to break in was probably because everyones talking about it ,that's what I would have thought. I don't hold 22 plants against ya , I would grow a shit load if I ddnt live wih the bird and kid ,all i'm allowed to do is a couple, but it keeps me in persnonal, i'd be well growing in by the 20 to sel it if I were on my own. Why do people have a problem with that anyway? Who doesn't appreciate selling good smoke? But yeah , something not right with that situation, you gotta keep it secret or wee shits will fuck your shit up if the grasses haven't done already.. but the wankers in blue wont know your doin it unless word spreads.. depends a lot on your judge and your circumstances... you could be looking at anything from community service to suspended prison to actually a few months inside.. your not getting away lightly with 22 ..good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by scouser1 View Post
    hi everyone I have a Liverpool crown court case coming up in november I got caught in my house with 22 cannabis plants they have valued at 4000 - 8000 I also had a mobile phone with various texts on relating to cannabis I also had 70 grams in a bag my electricity was not by passed I am worried my solicitor is useless I wish I could change but a bit late to now though in your view what is the likely sentence I have not been in trouble for over 10 years and only have minor convictions 6 in total no drugs 1s
    As a Mod and seeing 22 plants it is not allowed this thread is being sent to sin bin and closed..

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