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Thread: Weird parcel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bud lightyear View Post
    Hey come on fella lighten up just a bit of banter don't take it the wrong way dude.
    I'm well known for being a dick head, tis one of my best traits

    Regards BL
    Dont feel then need to apologise Bud.. the OP is clearly a bit of a prick
    current grow - a quick run of Power Plant in mapito by Rory B

    "How is it that your fucking stupid soon-to-be-dead friends thought they might be able to steal my cannabis and then sell it back to me? Is this a declaration of war? Is this some white cunt's joke that black cunts don't get? 'Cause Im not fucking laughing Ni-ko-las!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by williedixon View Post
    you must be as bored as him.....and
    I came back to see if he had been banned for being under 18 yet :P
    Strider's Sup Lemon Haze & L.A. Confidential DWC Good...hopefully...2018

    SLH & Incredible Bulk DWC Actually good, honest. 2017

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    just justifying coming into a thread were there is negativity
    and sayin I like the word cunty bollocks

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    I've just had a special, lightly battered, well tastey

    perhaps I should have had some faggots & a nicley braised @unty chop with gravy

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