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Grow Report

Grow Report
Bundas beautiful blue brie
Seedbank: Home cross
Link to grow diary:
Genotype: Blue cheese X unknown cheese
Grow location: 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m bud box
Nutrients used: Canna terra range
Grow equipment: 1000w lumitek digi ballast
1000w MH bulb
1m parabolic shade
2000w oil filled rad
Weeks in veg: 3-4 weeks from cutting
Weeks in flower: 7-8 could have had another 2 weeks.
Colour of trichomes at harvest: Cloudy starting to Amber
Wet yield: .?
Dry yield: 12.5 oz
Drying time: 5-6 days
Curing Time: 3-4 weeks
Bud density: Rock hard super solid nugs
Bud appearance: Fat • sticky
Grindability: Ok once dried and cured properly
Smell in Veg: Stinks!
Smell in flower: Stinks!
Smell after curing: Stinks!
Length of buzz: Hours • really puts you on you ass.
Good comments: One of my all time fave cheeses!
Bad comments: This strain is no longer around :(
Overall rating: 7.6/10

I wish I still had this strain going

I will indeed cross a Barney's farm blue cheese with another one of my cheeses in the future.