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Thread: How to make compost

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkdj2003 View Post
    Making compost from garden and household waste is one of the best things any gardener can do. It's easy and costs very little in time or effort.

    Making compost will help you reduce pollution - cut down that landfill! Your plants will grow healthier and look happier for it. It will save you money on fertilisers too.

    What can I compost?

    If it can rot it will compost, but some items are best avoided. Some things, like grass mowings and soft young weeds, rot quickly. They work as 'activators' or 'hotter rotters', getting the composting started, but on their own will decay to a smelly mess.

    Older and tougher plant material is slower to rot but gives body to the finished compost - and usually makes up the bulk of a compost heap. Woody items decay very slowly; they are best chopped or shredded first, where appropriate.

    For best results, use a mixture of types of ingredient.
    The right balance is something you learn by experience.

    Compost ingredients

    Hotter rotters (activators)

    1. Comfrey leaves

    2. Young weeds

    3. Grass cuttings

    4. Chicken manure

    5. Pigeon manure

    Other compostable items

    1. Wood ash

    2. Cardboard

    3. Paper towels & bags

    4. Cardboard tubes

    5. Egg boxes

    A balanced diet

    Fruit and vegetable scraps
    Tea bags
    Coffee grounds
    Old flowers
    Bedding plants
    Old straw & hay
    Vegetable plant remains
    Strawy manures
    Young hedge clippings
    Soft prunings
    Perennial weeds
    Gerbil, hamster & rabbit bedding

    Slow cookers-very slow to rot

    Autumn leaves
    Tough hedge clippings
    Woody prunings
    Wood shavings

    Best avoided

    Cooked food

    Do NOT compost

    Coal & coke ash
    Cat litter
    Dog faeces
    Disposable nappies
    Glossy magazines
    Will these kind of mixes stink out my grow room ? Or i wont notice?


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    Bit late to chip in but for people behind like me like me just reading now, Whilst composting smells will be present (not rancid if proportions are right ) but when fully composted should have sweet pleasant forest floor smell

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    Very informative post... worth sharing it.

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    Red face compost gains

    I planted 2 cuttings into my 2 year old compost heap. It was at its final stage and was straight humus. directly next to my new pile,
    leaf debris was scattered around the cuttings about 2 inches thick and watered them in.
    only had to water a handful of times the entire summer.
    Pure compost is amazing but if you just take pure compost Humus and put into a plastic pot and directly plant i dont have good results.
    I mix 1 part compost 1 part Peat 1 part part Pumice.

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    Just wanted to say thanks for the thread!

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