Link to grow diary: N/A

Strain and seedbank: - vision seeds, northern lights auto, indica x mexican ruderalis

Numbers of grows or years growing: - 2nd grow

Grow Equipment, Location & Style: - soil, cfls and sunlight, 20l pots, indoors

Nutes/Feed: - homebase tomato feed

Weeks of veg:auto

Weeks of flower: 9 weeks

Colour of thrichs at time of harvest: 90% cloudy 10% amber

Wet yield: unknown

Drying time: 6 days

Dry Yield: 32g

Curing time: 6 days so far

Bud Density 5/10: not bad for cfls

Bud Appearance Comments: very frosty, mint green colour when dried

Grindability 10/10: grinds nicely

Smell in veg 1/10:

Smell in flower 3/10: very low odour

Smell after curing 7/10: earthy, sweet fruit smell

Smell of smoke 8/10: sweet/skunky/spicy

Taste 7/10: spicy/sweet and earthy

The High 9/10: very nice! seriously 'stoned' /quite trippy! great for days off and night time

Length of buzz 8/10: obvious really – 2 .5 hours per joint

Good comments: Easy to grow, yielded decent for a few 45w cfls (32g off 1 plant, second ones getting harvested in 1 week), low odour and a great high!

Bad Comments: gives me serious dry/red eyes, a pain in the arse when im wearing contact lenses!!!!

General Comments: I'd recommend this seed to any one! I think its got potential to yield well for an auto