So, I have been growing this Darkheart Purple Kush for 3 years. All of my friend and patients think it is awesome. For a PK I guess it is a little strong as I have been accused of lacing it with something, some of those who have tried it have stated that it was too strong for a PK. I am a very meticulous grower, keeping the environment between 75 and 85 degrees 24/7,, feeding with only organic nutrients, RO water and Minerals. Lighting is also meticulous, I use 1,000 watt digital ballast and switch from MH to HPS for the different growth phases, always keeping the lights in the sweet zone from the top of the plants, and of course a CO2 treatment in the morning. I grow a few plants at time so it is not too much of time suck.

Anyway, a couple years ago I came across a Northern California grower at a Cannabis convention, they were selling seeds. They were displaying seeds that produced plants with high CBD's and CBN's. I asked if they had anything really strong on the THC side and the guy dug into is bag and pulled out these seeds (ones they were not intending to sell) labeled OG Ringo - OG Kush, 27.5% THC. Luckily, I was able to convince him to sell me 10. This year I grew them out and had about 50% males. The OG Ringo - OG Kush seeds produced 2 Phenotypes, one presented a very tall, bushy plant with nice bud growth (they are still flowering), the other Phenotype was not as tall and the branches grew right next to the main stock so it did not bush out. In addition, this phenotype produced some of the largest fan leafs I have ever seen, I am talking 11 inches across, and presents a VERY dark Green color. The buds appear to be larger and much more compact (also still flowering). This was the phenotype of chose to breed with the PK.

My question is, is this already a strain that exists, and it so, does anyone know the name? My pregnant lady still has a couple more week before her seeds will be ready for harvest, by the looks of her she will be producing a TON of seeds.

My other question is, would the resulting strain have a higher THC than the PK? The PK tested at 18%. If there any way to know what attributes will be dominate in the new strain?

Thanks in advance.