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    Royal Queen Seeds - Critical

    Strain and seedbank: -
    Royal Queen Seeds. Critical
    Sex : Feminized
    THC Level : 12-16%
    Characteristics : medium strength sativa/indica hyvrd

    number of plants, 4

    Grow Equipment, NFT 2x 424, 400/600wsl

    Nutes/Feed: - Canna aqua/flores, rhizzo, silicon, pk, overdrive.

    Weeks of veg: 10weeks 4-5 days.

    Weeks of flower: 7weeks ish.

    Colour of trichs at time of harvest: cloudy small amount amber, had a scare had to chop.

    Wet yield: n/a.

    Drying time: 5 days. temps 22c with dehumidifier .

    Dry Yield: over 20 ounces easy.

    Curing time: the dry bud placed in jars. .

    Bud Density 9/10. the colas were solid monsters.

    Bud Appearance Comments: light green, brown hairs. glistens like daybreak on a frosty morning oooh yea.

    Grindability 10/10: fluffs up nicely.

    Smell in veg 5/10: just greenery and chlorophyll.

    Smell in flower 10/10: STINKY TIME! very obvious cf is ESSENTIAL!

    Smell after curing 10/10: Jarred up the smell is the smelliest ever. when grinded a lovely sharp citrusy fragrance is released. mmmmm.

    Smell of smoke 8/10: very skunky smell, whiffable by the scuffers from miles away.

    Taste 6/10: been given high commendations by many a hardcore weed smoker. nice skunky taste. sorry cant be more detailed

    The High 10/10: first effects are cerebral. mind goes a wandering and meandering through the depths of conciousness, alert, in the here and now one second and then far away in dreams of what were and may be. after a while i realise i am fixed to the couch with no concern of moving.
    until the munchies. i can eat tons of crap after a while.

    Length of buzz 10/10: lasts a good hour, don't really notice
    it wearing off.

    Good comments: feminized seeds, 5 of 5 germed, all female when older. quite forgiving. good yielder.

    Bad Comments: nothing. ticked every box, and does what it says on the tin!!! beware lol its great for sleeping!!!!!!!..

    the buds

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