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Thread: Had a scare this morning

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    Default Had a scare this morning

    So I woke up around 3am breaking my neck for a piss, when I heard some commotion outside. I peered out my blinds to see at least 20 coppers getting ready for action. As you can imagine im shitting myself and just waiting for the knock. The knock doesn't come and I see them all piling into a block of flats.

    Not the sort of thing you need when you've got three weeks till harvest.

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    i bet you didnt need to piss once you seen em mate lol

    know that fealing i was few weeks into veg and a few doors up were raided they dont grow but had some beef with family and they sent in the red key lol
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    i wonder if it will leave you a note ''dear john.....'' when it trundles off to the neighbors house that is growing with a 600w light instead of your 400w.........sneaky little ..........
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    Thumbs up

    if they were coming for you sir ....... you wouldn't see them till door came through . the cunts would get ready down the road... i bet its shitty tho ..

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    Gets your Heart Pounding Don't it lol, I'm used to It Nowadays...Always get People Smoking Outside my House Let Alone the Drug Dealers I See always Wondering About, Police have Started Sitting Outside my House in Unmarked Cars Keeping There Eyes Outt for Them that's Why I never Worry Unless a Drug Dealer is Delivering to Me lol
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    When I finished my last grow I chopped on the saturday and was drying outside the tent as I'd banged in the next lot like shit off a shovel. On the tuesday I was off work sick and walked outside to walk down the asda and there was a fuzz mobile parked right outside!! Yeah I did go a bit white but on a terraced street its just one of them. I've seen coppers doing under cover ops on the street a couple of weeks back and they had a good stare as I got into me motor but their just wondering who's that big skinhead cunt ha...

    Nosey cunts like that do my fucking head in, luckily round here 50% of cunts blaze up and if you don't bother no one its cool. I'm sound with my polish neighbours - I'm not a retarded ukip cunt and they don't give a fuck I smoke herb. Don't see what the problem is with the eastern europeans myself!!

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    Haha know the feeling mate haven't got it on yet but looked outside other day finishing shit off and 6 of the fuckers and a riot van pulled up and took door off over road, thought my pals neighbour or someone was saying they saw us take stuff in lmao

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