I have been doing a lot of research and learning to build my own Aeroponics system, but I keep feeling like I am missing something... First things first I know to stay away from PVC because of the chemical leaching issues and because PVC breaks down really fast when exposed to sunlight, so I am going to go with SCH-40 ABS as it is overall better than PVC. I will drill the holes for the net cups which will be filled with clay balls and I'll be drilling smaller holes for the spray nozzles. The spray nozzles will be threaded into a rigid copper pipe, because copper was the first form of water purification going back to Bible times and ancient Egyptians, and is even now being used in state of the art hospitals after they found that it will kill all kinds of pathogens. I did my research My recirculating pump for the sprayers will be an external pump with UV Sterilization light, as yet another way to keep everything running smoothly, as I've read from a professional grower that those really work, and that the external pump will help keep my water temperatures cooler. My water tank I am going with a utility sink made out of fiberglass so I can easily connect it to a sewer drain and just pull the plug to drain the entire system in a minute or two. I will use a float inside the sink to keep the water level maintained at all times to a precise level, so I do not spike mineral levels of PH Levels as the plants drink water. I'll use a Food Grade 5-Gallon Bucket, with the water level measured out into 1/4-gallon increments, to control the reserve water for the sink (main tank) so I can keep a close eye on how much water the plants consume on a daily basis before adding in more water. I'll also be adding air to both water tanks by using two air stones and a commercial air pump to keep everything oxygenated.

For the lighting I've decided on an LED light, that I have been getting fond of as I continue to compare it to other companies, and so far nobody has been holding up to. I haven't fully decided yet on if I will be growing in a Gorilla tent or if I will simply build an enclosure of my own to some high standards. I have been looking carefully at some good charcoal air scrubbers, and a nice exhaust blower with a speed control for fans. I am going with a really nice electronic timer with a battery backup that even after a week of not being plugged in still doesn't have an issue. When I looked at the 360-degree sprayers I found two types, and open design that just sprays every direction at once, and another type that acts like a yard sprinkler and works its way around 360-degrees. I've searched lots of places and nobody ever speaks about the sprayers they use other than high pressure or low pressure, they are low pressure hydroponic sprayers. I also have been planning on a using a sand filter as a part of my set up to help keep healthy bacterias up and destroying unhealthy ones.

My biggest concern is that for having to start completely over from having a person I know steal everything I owned right down to the curtains off the windows, including my years of notes, ideas and ideas for my future grow systems, is that I have forgotten something for not having been growing now for awhile while I put my life back together. I have had to start all over starting with researching and thus I have decided to start with some AK-47's and this system and now I need to know am I overlooking anything, to go from being a soil grower a few years ago, to coming back and starting all over from scratch I have my concerns about jumping into hydroponics / aeroponics like this... but I just don't want to start all over with soil and then upgrade making everything for soil obsolete as I upgrade. Thoughts, opinions and helpful advice welcome.