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Thread: HELP need advice about Amsterdam coffee shops and stuff

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    Red face HELP need advice about Amsterdam coffee shops and stuff

    Hello all!
    So in three weeks I'll be going to Amsterdam and I cannot wait, however as it's my first time I feel there's a lot of things I don't know which I probably should do before I go so I have a few questions to ask...
    First of all, I was wondering what kind of joints to buy? I smoke at home however I have friends that have been which smoke a lot more than I do who claim the weed in Amsterdam is much stronger, also my best friend who is coming with me rarely ever smokes so we don't want to be buying anything too strong.
    Also, we can't wait to try space cakes/pot brownies, but it is advised to not be smoking whilst eating these?
    What are some recommended coffee shops? Also are the environments nice and friendly?
    Thanks for all your help!

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    If you buy 'street weed' then you will find the Dam weed a lot stronger. If you grow your own, you'll find it to be around the same strength.

    Unless there is a particular reason, buy a gram or two & roll your own, you'll know exactly how much is going in then...

    I can't comment on edibles, it's not really my thing but smoking & eating is probably not he best idea unless you are a seasoned pot head

    All the coffee shops have a friendly, laid back atmosphere but I, personally, would avoid the ones with the music at full tilt, but that's just my preference...

    PS Welcome to the forum

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    Hmmm... Just ask :)
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    If you want quality and quantity (which you will never get in the center of Amsterdam... Shitty small bags xD) take the train to Amsterdam-muiderpoort (1 stop from centre) and visit coffeeshop "The Stud".

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    1. I'd buy weed and make your own joints. I actually used to roll joints for a coffeeshop (not Amsterdam) so they can be okay. But otherwise ask the dealer. My advice is to make your own joints and to make them slightly weaker. (PS, the stuff is strong but it's not narcotic).

    2. I've never ever head of anyone finding an actual spacecake. The cake, yes. But the space? Not so much.

    3. Some of the best are: 1e Hulp is central. Katu is on a tram route. The Stud you need to bus or taxi.

    Other good ones are Grey Area, Abraxas, and De Tweede Kamer.

    You can use Google Maps NL to find all of them and the tram and bus routes.

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    Buy your own weed and tool your own. Just go into other coffeeshops and get a drink. The law has changed now in amsterdam so you carnt smoke tabbaco in your joints. They have a pot of herbal mix on there tables. Yea 1e hulip for the exodus cheese, brakakas (good resin and there jacky white), prix dami, is a good one. The super silver haze is really good. Have a good time mate. Rather jelouse!!
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    +1 for rolling your own; You know you're getting the best product in your joint then, and not some trim and popcorn (Not that ewts wrong with popcorn, but who wants that when you can have nice big buds).

    As for SpaceCakes, it's illegal to extract or process cannabis in the Netherlands, so they don't use cannabutter in their cakes, it's just decarbed herb mixed straight in with the cake mix.
    This means they aren't as strong as most edibles, but I've had both of Green Place's chocolate and banana brownies before, and they taste great with a good level of high. If you're a 1st timer i'd eat them on an empty stomach and leave it 2 hours before you spark up a joint.

    For buying I'd suggest 1e Hulp, Dampkring 2, Mr K's, Boerejongens and Barney's.
    As you can't usually smoke where you buy, you'll be looking for the sister cafe for most places, but as long as you're buying a drink and not just taking up a table and smoking, you can go to any smoke friendly cafe to smoke.
    When i'm in Amsterdam, you'll usually find me in Hill Street Blues in the evening. They have some sofas downstairs that look out over the canal, which is real nice, and all the inside is covered in graffiti and stickers and it's quite dingy (which i'm into heh).

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