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Thread: How many plants should I fit in this grow space? Less or More ?

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    Default How many plants should I fit in this grow space? Less or More ?


    I have a closet/wardrobe that is around 17 inches depth by about 3.5 foot. Which I think is nearly 5 square feet?

    I did a SCROG before in a wardrobe and only put two plants in there and filled the screen.

    However, I have been reading to use more plants. So my question is, how many plants is best for that size grow space, and why is using more plants better than using just 2?

    Thanks TT

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    If you still plan to scrog then more plants will obviously fill the screen quicker giving a shorter veg time bringing you to your desired result quicker.

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    I would do 4, one in each corner. I'm doing 2 in half the space you have and it's good so far! I think lol

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