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Thread: Big Buddha Original Cheese

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    Default Big Buddha Original Cheese

    Big Buddha Original Cheese x Cheese Reversed

    nk - Herbies

    Number of Plants​ - 2

    Grow space/setup - 1.2 x 1.2 Greenqube Tent , 125w cfl, 600w MH/HPS , parabolic , 15L Airpots , 8" Rhino L1

    12 hours soaked in water , 12 hours until taproot in wet paper towel

    2 weeks early seedling stage under 125W cfl then onto 4 weeks under 600w MH

    - 9 and a half weeks, first signs of flowers at week 2 12/12

    Grow Medium - Canna coco professional plus

    Nutes/Feed - Canna coco A,B , Rhizotonic , Liquid silicon , PK 13/14 , Green planet massive

    Drying Time
    5 days

    Dry Weight - 10.5 oz

    Curing Time - 2 weeks so far

    Bud Density - 8/10

    Bud Grindability

    Smell in Veg - 6/10

    Smell in Flower - 7/10

    Smell After Curing -

    Smell of Smoke -

    Taste -

    The High
    - 8/10

    Length of Buzz - 1 hour +

    Good comments - very cheesey with a good high, enough to put a grown man on his back if your not careful.The longer it cures the better it gets. Nice smooth smoke with a great taste and a decent end weight. An ideal night time smoke

    Bad comments
    Nute sensitive and not the easiest to grow, showing different pheno types some stretchy some short, required two flushes whilst growing showed all sorts of problems through to week 5 flower

    General comments
    I wasn't expecting much from these two due no end of problems with the strain, but the tables soon turned come week 5 flower they picked up and packed on the smell and weight. Impressed with the end result considering

    Link to Diary -

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    Old but Thanks blue...... iv just bought a pack. This is why i love this forum

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