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    "Smoke/Grow Report"

    Strain and Seedbank: Bud Bud Bling Tingz – Dr. Kripplings
    Parentage: Delhi Friend x Blueberry
    Numbers of grows or years growing: Second Grow
    Grow Equipment, Location & Style: Mars II 900w LED + 250w HPS in a 1.2x1.2x1.8 Grow Tent
    Germination: Paper Towel Method
    Vegging: 6 Weeks
    Flowering: 8 weeks from flip
    Soil Grow: No
    Grow Medium: Coco
    Nutes/Feed: Canna Coco A+B, Canna Rhizotonic, Green Planet Massive, Liquid Silicon, PK 13/14, Epsom Salts, RAW Amino Acids
    Weeks of veg: 6 weeks
    Weeks of flower: 9 weeks from flip, 8 weeks true flower
    Colour of thrichs at time of harvest: 100% cloudy
    Wet yield: Didn't bother checking
    Drying time: 5 Days
    Dry Yield: 169 grams/ 6 oz
    Curing time: 6 weeks at 62% Humidity
    Bud Density: 8 /10 :
    Bud Appearance Comments: I am quite happy with the strain. Nugs were covered in crystals. Some of them were very nice sized and dense too. The ones on the bottom were quire airy despite the plant was under both LED and HPS
    Grindability: 10/10
    Smell in veg: 7/10
    Smell in flower: 10/10 – Really strong smell. Smell can easily be detected if house/flat is not well vented.
    Smell after curing: 10/10
    Smell of smoke: 9/10
    Taste: 9/10
    The High: 10/10
    Length of buzz : 10/10
    Good comments: Very sparkly when you take a photo with the flash. Simply covered in crystals. Maybe drop in the temperatures will make buds change colour nicely.
    Bad Comments: Stems were kinda weak and had to add quite a lot of support for the colas.
    General Comments: Very nice smoke. I am smoking it in a day time, like weekends and stuff and it keep my brain going. Very nice taste too. Recommend it to someone who wants to try something different.

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