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Thread: Third time trying; Hypoglycemic Shock

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    Angry Third time trying; Hypoglycemic Shock

    So last night I've tried for a third time to get high.

    Now I can drink beer and get drunk.
    Or pop a Percocet from my L&D 3 years ago and get high and fall asleep (I had to take a couple for a month due to a back injury). I have an incredible high pain tolerance and a very low tolerance to stimulants.
    But living in CO, and having your entire family smoke, leaves you feeling like a narc.
    My Mom grows and cultivates all her own stuff. And she gave my hubs and I some indica, and it was her weakest strand.

    I took one hit. That's all.

    My entire body went into tremors and shakes, my entire body felt of pins & needles and I was having cold sweats. On the pain scale (1 being no pain and 10 being excruciating) I was an 8. And this is coming from a woman that has had 4 kids shoot out of her gentleman greeter with zero pain meds (I shit you not!)

    I did a quick Google to double check and (have worked in medicine in the past) I was able to confirm that I was in fact going into hypoglycemic shock.

    I had a soda and fruit snacks and a couple cookies. I also had a large and healthy dinner only a few hours before that one toke.

    Now I don't have any pre-existing conditions. I'm overweight but who isn't?! But I don't have any problems with my health.

    My Mom wants me to try and get high with her but after that last spell I'm really put off.

    Is this a sign that I shouldn't?
    Has anyone else ever experienced this?
    Is there a stupid weak strain out there that will get me the high I desire?
    And for a bit of back history, this has happened every time I have tried to get high.

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    Welcome to ThcTalk
    Do you have diabetes???
    Maybe a doctors check up would be best..
    if you want to get high try cooking with your mums stuff..
    read a few recipes and start with small doses.
    The above is just opinion..My opinion is law in my world..

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    Regular smokers can become insensitised & add more cannabis than irregular smokers...ask them to make you a weak joint rather than one that they would normally smoke

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    Have you any way of testing your sugar after having a toke just to be sure?

    Id be more inclinned to think its something to do with lowered blood pressure maybe.
    The cannabis giving a "whitey"effect thus exasperating the problem

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    There's an interesting article on hypoglycemia and cannabis mostly it's the standpoint of treating them with cannabis but it covers some pretty good biological information.

    That's on the medicalmarijuana website

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