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Thread: A Guide To Re-vegging

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    I have two clones that were taken a couple of weeks into flower, I hadn't thought of taking a clone from her and panicked lol. They are now revegging with 3-finger leaves but they're outdoors and it's the end of (southern hemisphere) summer. Can I bring them indoors and put under 24/7 lighting or will this stress them out too much? Last thing i want is my only two clones herming.

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    Oh what marvelous news! i thought you should be able to, mother nature is very hardy after all. of course depending on variables for results, but i'm definitely going to give this a bash myself. i'd much rather see the plant live to fight as many days as it wants

    i've spent a little time as a landscape gardening, so i would witness first hand many different species of plants that absolutely loved a good bashing! i've got plants in my own garden that were cut down to just a handful of leaves from age built dense growth, that have sprung back better than ever. so it does make sense to me that this plant would come back healthy if not healthier too, depending on the strain of course. but generally most things really do benefit from a good hacking back. But my knowledge isnt air tight, and i don't have much experience with this species.

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    Thank you for information

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