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Thread: Honeysuckle Feminized Seeds

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    Thumbs up Honeysuckle Feminized Seeds

    Honeysuckle Advanced female seeds
    this was my coco maiden growing voyage, first ever... loved this strain, great to work with

    Oxy's Going loco Honeysuckle in da bastard coco

    Honeysuckle Advanced female seeds

    Grow Equipment 1.2x1.2x2m dr120. hps 600+mars 2 1200w led. 6" extraction 4" intake

    4 plant Welshman stylee scrog

    Nutes - Canna, rhizzo, silicon, green planet massive, rox, overdrive, pk,

    Colour of trichs at time of harvest: few amber hat to chop early,.

    Drying time: 6 days.

    Dry Yield: 36 oz.

    Curing time: the dry bud placed in jars. .

    Bud Density 9/10. the colas were stunning .

    Bud Appearance Comments: lush

    Grindability 10/10: fluffs up nicely.

    Smell in veg 6/10: just greenery and chlorophyll.

    Smell in flower 9/10:

    Smell after cure, after grinding the smell hits you good

    Smell of smoke 8/10: very skunky smell, this stuff reeks

    Taste 8/10:

    smooth citrus with berry like after taste

    The High 10/10:

    Length of buzz 9/10: lasts a good hour,

    Good comments: all seeds, all female when older. quite forgiving. good yielder. lush smell banging stone n smoke

    Bad Comments: nothing.

    mon the Honeysuckle .. bastard lush like..

    Diolch thanks for looking

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    Great Stuff Oxy.. Picked a good strain by the looks Mun.. Happy days

    Crazy Scrog scenes!!

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    Top grow and a smoke report to go with it, nice one oxy enjoy the suckle

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