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Thread: What 600w hps

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    SonT - pure supercharged flowering bulb only. 10k perameters as opposed to 7/8 - really red! Best flowering 600w i ever usued - saying that I bought my first about 10 years ago and it was about £50 back then when a standard 600 HID or sodium was about 23 quid. I still use it every time i can, but im restricted to 400w at the moment, so for that size bulb the dual spec is a better bulb although you can also get a 400w SonT.

    The best flowering bulbs will always be that, a flowering bulb. But you do want to add some blue as well toi make it as spectrum balanced as possible...

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    Philips Master Son-T Greenpower '240v & 400v options' they are a full spectrum bulb,
    definitely a good bulb if you want a single duel-spec without buying 2 bulbs,

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