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Thread: C02 vape cartridges

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    Default C02 vape cartridges

    Anybody had the pleasure to have a blast on these vape cartridges??
    They come in a few flavas and i have had the luck to have a lemon jack and a kush..
    i ask as i got a few new flavours tonight to try..
    These are not the co2 clear make but homemade i think or import but not the same make as the others i have tried..
    Got a cheese and sour lemon diesel and a few others but can't remember the name of the flavas..
    Nothing like walking among people while getting wasted on a vape pen..
    Like a dirty secret.. i am getting wasted in front of you all and its not a spliff whoopwhoop..
    The above is just opinion..My opinion is law in my world..

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    I found out about these Canna juices today in my local vape shop.
    The guy told me about them and that he is a distributor and he will let me have a free 2 mls and he let me had a vape on his Smok ad I must say it tasted very good....
    Apparently it takes a short while to kick in...

    > Bigger 20ML bottle.
    > UK and USA made flavour concentrates, pharmaceutical grade carrier oils
    > Each bottle is hand crafted in our certified laboratory by an expert with years of experience
    > Crystal clear made with pure CBD (cannabidiol) and pure CBG (cannabigerol)
    > Free from oils, packed full of beneficial cannabinoids which can optimise your well being
    > Works in any electronic cigarette or personal vaporiser (we advise a non disposable device, check out our deals on high quality e cigs)
    > Suitable for vegetarians

    Got to give it a go eh....

    Since 2011 I have had Emphasyma. Smoked rollies and spliffs for 37 years.

    Bumped into an old friend earlier in the week and he sold me £10 worth of grass and it didn't smell too bad. I tentatively skinned up. I was a bit scared as my lungs are compromised and wasn't quite sure what to expect after a 10 year break. Been vaping since the day of my diagnosis.

    It was like giving your oldest and bestest friend a warm hug. My Tinnitus lessened. My toothache didn't feel quite as bad. I feel quite emotional really....I sure have missed feeling like this.

    Over the last 3 days I have settled down and now smoke 1 joint per night. On my patio. And I have a drag and come indoors for a while.

    It's strange but this doesn't feel like your bog standard street Indica that I expect to buy. I have barely eaten in 3 days. Heavy Indicas want me to eat the house etc.
    I didn't even ask what it was. All I know is it wasn't a bad £10 worth and it smelt lovely. Not as dry as I would have liked but not wet either.I hate wet puff....

    Usually it's Northern Lights,White Widow or 'Skunk'. I have yet to discover what Skunk is but my feelings are it is a generic term. ??

    I have discovered I really miss my puff.I will try this Canna liquid with great interest. May even manage to go nicotine free if it works.

    It does taste really good you know....

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    just grow your own n then steep it,free ejuice and way better cos you know whats in it

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