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Thread: When to flip a scrog?

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    Default When to flip a scrog?

    I've read every thread and stickies I can on when to flip.

    Most go for a 70% ish full screen then flip.

    My aim is to try and create a bowl shape by training the 4 main stems of each plant towards the perimeter and then allowing them some height up the sides . This allows the light at the sides to be used and also prevents big tall colas from getting too near the light in the middle.

    Has anyone tried this method before and is it effective?

    My screen is filling up rapidly but still areas to fill and then get th top shoots near the edges.

    Any input appreciated as its my first scrog and first rdwc.

    Looking good so far but always looking to learn more if I can.

    Recent pics:

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    Cheers Dru!!!

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    looking healthy but that seems like a lot of leaves under the canopy to me?, hard to say without a pic of the underneath.
    have you been pinching tops out?
    not sure if it's still around on these forums as i've been away a while now but a grow by "adambomb" called "armageddon" something is a fantastic example of scroging and well worth searching for

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    In my opinion that scrog is right on track.... I tend to grow my scrogs under the screen like you so to respond to budbud i would say no..... I dont allow for much above the screen until I begin stretching, even then its just a couple days till i tuck.... I have never done a bowl like this however i do like the style. I have dont a V shaped scrog which worked very well, however one of my strains was very dominant sativa unbeknownst to me, and she outgrew the intended "v" shaping. 70% is still a good golden number, especially by how your looks, because i would say go to 80-90% if you had a more extreme height difference, but for what you have should be goochie.... I am pretty sure my v scrog was one of my grows here..... Best of luck bro she looks stellar tho!!
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