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Thread: I cant smoke weed anymore after a severe panic attack

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grub View Post
    The fact you enjoy a bit of red wine will help. Alcohol counter-effects the head-rush we can get when we have a strong smoke. It's this head-rush that can send us into panic mode... before we know it our heads have gone into overdrive and we think we're dying lol.
    Medium strength weed (NOT sativa) and a glass or two of your favourite red and you'll be wayyyy too chilled to panic about anything.
    Growing northern lights right now so that should compliment the wine 🍷

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    Good luck girl 🌱

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    Have a break of it. then try and find the right smoke for you. when I smoke certain strains I have really bad social anxiety. and some strains make me feel very up lifted and just chilled out without being anxious. I was the same I started smoking at 13-14 everyday no problem and when I got to about 20 I started getting really anxious when smoking so just stuck to smoking when I was on my own and is still do to this day. is it a social thing with you or is it when ur on ur own also?.

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