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Thread: Whats your favourite strain, and why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fusion88 View Post
    Northern lights, cookies, trainwreck, white widow, cat piss
    Cat piss, I had to look that one up. It is actually one, could have fool me. lol

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    Have two favourites from same breeder out of all auto I’ve done so far and that’s gotta be

    Dinafem Blue Kush auto which I broke completely in half at week 3 veg and she came back with a bang and yielded about 2/3oz dry of blueberry smelling sweet tasting heaven!!!

    Second is the Dinafem OG kush which took a little longer an yielded about 3dry but the smoke was a super heavy hitter and probably the most head heavy couch locked weed I’ve grown an smoked in a whilst!! so dinafem are pretty good tbh

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