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Thread: starting all over, need a hardy good yeilding strain

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    Default starting all over, need a hardy good yeilding strain

    my plants were plagued with root rot every week for 6 months, even though i changed my res once a week.
    i started with fogponics, then my first crop died as seedlings, thought it was the fogponics that brought the rot.
    i switched to nft and got the plants to be 1.5 feet tall, but they were plagued by root rot for 6 months.
    first i thought it was the temperature, so i bought a water cooler and brought it down to 50F, but the root rot didnt stop.
    someone told me 50 was too cold so i brought it up to 60, but the rot kept coming
    maybe it was because my ph balencer is very potent and i accidentally dropped it to 3.5 sometimes, but it always rose back up really quick so i wasn't too concerned.
    i tried hydroguard, then voodoo juice, then voodoo with sensizyme. no effect. the sensizyme actually seemed to super charge the root rot.
    i made some compost tea that gave my plants a big boost for a while, thought i solved the problem. but the tea made the water murky and it was harder to see the root rot coming. the rot came back and killed all the plants.
    my new plan is to keep the water temp at 60 and try really hard to never drop the ph below 5. maybe it was the great white in the tea i made that helped for a little while. ill use the great white and the voodoo juice.
    not too hopeful though. the rot has really discouraged me after trying so many things for so long.
    wondering if anyone has any ideas, or can recommend any hardy strains with good yeild. thanks guys.

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    I think your aim now should be to be able to keep plants alive and not look into a good yielding strain..
    Not much familiar with growing in water but I know two things :
    1)You need a chiller to be able to keep the roots at the right temperature - 18-20 degrees
    2)You need an air pump with airstones inside your reservoir to keep the roots oxygenated.

    Most people have great success using simple nutrients suitable for each stage - Veg and Flower..Also make sure your PH is constantly in the right range 5.5 - 6.0 without UPs and Downs.

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    what nutrients are you using?
    Have a read through all of them, and ditch any which have organic ingredients, thats my advice.

    i just use the IOnic range for water, grow bloom pk , and silicone as well as the usual ph down or up depending.
    this is all you need to grow good weed.

    if the res is within reason for temperatures , like Bulls said 18-20 or therabouts, but no more than 22, then it cant be the water.
    Also bleach out everything before your next run, because the rot spores will stilll be in the system, i used to run thru bleach in y water at about 5m/litre but watch it because it with froth up if using airstones.

    clean the whole lot out, including the pebbles and mayber try insulate the buckets to help temps

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    A few drops of bleach in your res goes a long way toward riding rot and algae.
    Kills all the good stuff in the process too.
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    ^ i wouldnt use bleach. If your running sterile use proper hydrogen peroxide. Other options are to use bennies instead. But you actually dont need any of them tbh.

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    sterile is best way i say...
    a chiller of course if ya can afford.

    i just run a bottle of Microbial in my grows now...

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