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Thread: How to harvest twice in one year?

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    Default How to harvest twice in one year?

    Hello everybody,

    this is my second year of growing and needless to say, i'm a total novice who is learning from watching, experimenting, making mistakes and more.
    I have a simple question. I would like to start (from this year) to grow also in winter time, that is autumn and winter.
    I have two abodes, one at latitude 31 and one at latitude 40. I have more space etc at latitude 31. The place is by the sea, pretty windy (but not so much from september till end of february). Temps are always mild pretty much all year round. Lows never get below 10 degrees celcius, even in the "cold winter months like december and january. Day temps are always pleasant, ranging from a minimum of 18 C till 25 C or even higher. The only problem is the latitude.
    Though in September and October the weather is exceptionally beautiful, warm temps (30 or even more) the number of hours of light is already decreasing, towards the 12/12 cycle. For example, on the 1st of September there are still 13hrs of light hrs ( a bit less) . At the end of September there are already less than 12 (just under 12hrs). By the end of October By the end of October there are 11hrs and so on
    I usually start germinating between Feb and March as the temps are already pretty warm at both latitude. This year i have started beginning of February but i will not do it again (because i started them indoors then messed them up by putting them out in march so they thought it was autumn....)
    The idea is to start the first batch in March and do (march/september) harvest between august and september


    1) what if i start a second run in, say, august/september. I start germinating the seeds between august and september and harvest when? which month?
    2) will the second "August/December"(?) harvest be less in quantity/grams than the first one?
    3) given the mild temps, what would you do? i would not even bother too much bringing the plants in at night as temps never drop below 10 C (or is it always best to keep them inside at night?)
    4)Any tips will be greatly appreciated
    5) what should i do, for the second crop (started between august and september) if i wanted to speed up the growing phase? Give them some extra lighting?

    p.s. I only grow outdoors, from seeds, not clones, only with organic soil and using organic fertilizers

    Thank you all for any tips and input on this

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    I also Wonder about this.
    I just harvested a plant. The seeds was from may to now. I wanna grow auto flower from 1 August until like last November... I think that will work

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