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Thread: Companion planting - French Marigolds, Nasturtiums, and stinging nettle??

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    Default Companion planting - French Marigolds, Nasturtiums, and stinging nettle??

    A couple of years ago I planted French marigolds with my chillies and the plants were generally pest free. Last year I did not have marigolds and things were okay. This year I did not and I have had SWARMS of aphids.

    So I picked up some marigold and nasturtium seeds when I came across them at the local garden centre recently, and that got me wondering if other plants could basically join the party of biological pest repellents?

    After hours of youtube-ing, I came across some guy who grows stinging nettle with his cannabis!! He makes some pretty wild claims but I have no way of saying if he was just trolling, or if there might be some truth to his crazy partnership.

    I am all up for growing with the least chemicals and be bug free etc. Who does it?
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    All I really know is that nettles enjoy a similar soil as cannabis does... whether there is any symbiotic relationship, I really have no idea
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    Chives are a good bug repellent especially for carrot fly. It's the oniony smell they don't like.

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