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Thread: Herbies Updates 23rd January 2018

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    Default Herbies Updates 23rd January 2018

    Back in stock - you can see the full list here

    Fast Buds Gorilla Glue Autoflowering Fems
    Ripper Zombie Kush Fems
    Expert Gorilla Glue #4 Fems

    As well as Bitcoin we are now accepting 44 other cryptocurrencies including LiteCoin, PotCoin and Ether/Ethereum
    You can see the full list of accepted Altcoins on our site

    New strains added - you can see the full list here

    Expert Seeds Nurse Lilly CBD - 90% Sativa, 4-6% THC, 15% CBD, Pineapple/Sweet/tropical flavours, ideal for depression, muscle spasms and headaches.

    Expert Seeds Clinical White CBD - 65% Sativa, 50-60 days flowering, 5% THC, 8-17% CBD, ideal for chronic pain, anti inflammatory, epilepsy and arthritis

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